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Street Addiction

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by Johnny-B, Apr 9, 2005.

  1. Is anyone here a member or have you ridden with "Street Addiction", just curious, was wondering what they're all about, please let me know. I was approched by a couple members of them and wanted to know what you all think.
  2. Guff

    Guff Forum Admin Staff Member

    No clue here. What did you think of them from first impressions?


  3. G-Spot

    G-Spot Pint Size Pimpin'

    What would you like to know about us?
  4. I kinda wanted to know peoples opinions of the "club", good or bad, (as stated in my initial post) I didn't neccessarily want one of the founders to respond. But it seems like nobody has heard about the group except me. So oh well.
  5. Why not? Best way is to ask those invovled and form your own opinion, especially someone that is cool enough to post up and say fire away.

    Who cares what peoples opinions are? Its if you get along with members and enjoy hanging and riding with them that counts, its not about having a popularity contest.
  6. Again to counter... Bizzles question bears more on the likelihood of the members being unsafe riders moreso than they would be friends. I have ridden with a few of the people in the aforementioned group, and quite frankly I was a bit spooked. I may have been with a small minority of the riders, but these 3 people in particular put a premium on showiness instead of safety (ie., 50+ mph wheelies on the most traffic-choked street in spokane). I like to do stupid shit as much as the next guy, but I like to do it in a slightly more controlled environment and without any "close calls".

    Again, Im not saying the whole group is a bunch of psycho riders, but what hes getting at is the opinion of the riders. If that is more the norm than the exception, itd be good information for all of us, that way we can pick and choose the type of riding we want to do.

  7. G-Spot

    G-Spot Pint Size Pimpin'

    Just to clera the record I am not the founder of Street Addiction. I don't know if it was just the way that typed it that made it sound this way, but what you wrote sounded rude about my offering to answer questions that you had. You asked aabout opinions and what we are about and I was just trying to answer you Johnny B. I am sorry that it was not my opinion that you were looking for.

    As for the people who were doing close-call-stunts I am pretty sure that they are not really members of our group because we make sure that stuff like that is not something that we condone. We want safe riders, and if they choose to do stunts we highly encourage them to stay in the very front or inthe very rear of the pack that way no one else is affected by their riding. If there are riders who stuff like that when we are in groups or doing a function for the club rest assured that there are consequences for poor choices such as those because we want everyone to be safe and snjoy riding together.

    Our goal is basicly that of this website, to bring riders together and create friendships along the way. There a couple people in Spokane that members of our group refuse to ride with because they fell that they are unsafe and I will not name names because that is not fair to anyone else.

    I am certainly willing to answer any other questions that anyone else has, and am not trying to sound stuck up or snobbish, just trying to really emphasize that safety is our number one concern. What you saw when you were riding Fighterama is certainly something that we want to be the exception and not the rule (and a very rare exception at that!!!!)

    Thanks for what you said LRG

  8. Yea I understand the question-but what some think is crazy riding others are ok with and vice-versa. The best way to find out is to hookup with members and see if a group fits you. Saftey is an issue and you are always going to have riders of varying skill level and commonsense in any group.

    For example beans is a madman always showing off stunting ect, whereas I am slow and steady. :hiding:

    I suggest if you are the new guy in a group hanging in the rear until you are sure you are cool with everyones riding ability. Also groups draw attention-which could be good or bad. Me I prefer as little attention as possible.
  9. G-Spot

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    completely in agreence with you there
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    g-spot, is not completely correct. I went riding with them on Saturday. I have no problem with doing wheelies in traffic.
    But to get to the point, I know that they have members, that are among the crowd doing wheelies in traffic and on busy streets.

    I think the group is alright. If you dont like the guys or gals doing the wheelies, then just hang to the back of the pack.

    As long as ur not doing ne thing wrong, then what is there to worry about!!! let the crazy people, including myself, get into trouble. Then u can point and laugh.

    I understand the risk, thats why I do what I do!! Its a killer rush, and for me that is not that bad, but like said earlier, for others it could be like a moral sin for someone else.

    If your a new rider with a group, u can always lead the ride, like myself, then there is no one in front of ya.... So again nothing to worry about but myself. Or just hang in the back, and see what there all about.

    I have noticed it usually splits into three groups. The Crazy people in front, the Sane in the middle, and the ones out enjoying them selves in the back.
  11. cordodor

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    if you're riding, in back, just cover your brake, in case jabstar falls over up front :thumbrig:
  12. jabstar17

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    right on!!!! U got s the idea!! :p
  13. I have no problem with doing wheelies in traffic.

    This is one of my concerns. Matt, ive ridden with you a few times. When I was out with ya, you seemed to be smart about where you did things most of the time. Division wheelies.... yea that was a slip. Im all for doing whatever you want whenever you can, but it just takes a bit of decorum and safety on everyones part.

    For example beans is a madman always showing off stunting ect, whereas I am slow and steady

    Are you drunk? Ive ridden with Daniel --> fast in the straights, yes, but you wanna talk stuntin, talk with brian, john, jason and jason.

    As for the street addiction cats, gonna have to ride with ya before I pass any judgements...

    That is all

  14. You all know I do NOT stunt, at all. I really enjoy my high speed runs, but I cannot hang in the twisties, my bike is too heavy. Hence, I am getting a second bike just for that...twisties though, not stunts. I'll leave the stunts and tricks to you all professionals.

    There ya go, that's better.
  15. Oh really maybe i was confused :laughing:
  16. I'm glad to see some people out there have an opinion on these matters. My intention with my reply to "crash" was not to be rude, I simply was curious to see if anyone here frequented the rides your group has been setting up. I must have been wrong to assume that you were a founder, I just vividly recall you stating on the R2X forum that you were forming your own group and that you would be seeing me in your mirrors and leaving numerous angry posts because we were trying to screen for safe riders...but R2X is NO LONGER and that's great. I was just curious how you screen "safe" riders when anyone is let in. Again, I am just trying to do my research for the next time I am invited to go on a ride with some of the members of the S.A. club. Not trying to flame anyone at all.

    In response to LRG's post, I care about opinions of fellow riders because I have seen many wrecks caused by stupid-inexperienced riders "taking-out" my friends in corners or when wheelying on main roads, so that's why I like to know a little about the group before I ride with them, that's all. I like to play now and then as much as anyone but I will not put my friends' safety at risk nor, get the cops involved.

    And yes Mathew( :lol: ) just because you aren't stunting doesn't mean you're safe! Cops WILL pull over the entire group (ask ERIC) and site for ANYTHING they can see wrong with our bikes (race-only exhaust, wrong colored blinkers, hard to see license plate, mirrors (or lack there of), etc....) Eric got a speeding ticket and it WASN"T EVEN HIM THAT DREW THE ATTENTION!!!

    Point being, it's good to see a vast variety of opinions and an even greater variety of skill level, I hope this forum stays up for longer than our last and that none of the BS from our last forum follows us here.

    Oh yeah....don't forget to whipe.

    -The one they call "Johnny-B"
  19. Ok first off I will tell you all that I am a member of Street Addiction. That is all I am. I am not out tryin to say that our group is the best group out there or better than any group that ever was. We are an open group to all who want to get together and ride. I hate to see this get all turned around and make it seem that we (Street Addiction) are that best out there. Now having said that, we are still new and in the process of getting off the ground. We have not organized any rides yet. When we do there will be no illegal riding of any kind tolerated. These rides that have been happening on Saturdays are rides that evolved by word of mouth. Street Addiction never organized them. Fighterama, I am not sure who you are but just so you know the ride on this last Sat. ended in three different groups. We left Spokane in one group. From Loon Lake we left in three different groups to go back to Spokane. I am not sure who was doing wheelies on the busy street doing 50+mph but that didn't happen in the group that I went back with. From Spokane to Loon Lake I rode in different spots in the pack and thought things went well. I thank you for not judging Street Addiction on the actions of these one wheeled riders. I think that we all know that when riding with as many people as we had on Saturday there will be ones that do these things. What I am about to say is not ment just for Fighterama but for anyone who reads this. If you don't like what has happened on a ride then you as person have two choices A: Ride with this group again but not around the "Wild" riders or B: Don't ride with the group again. I would like nothing more than big groups of people going out on rides and having a good safe time. I do know one of the core ideas of Street Addiction is to have fun and be safe doing it. I hope we all can get together and live out our common passion of riding our scooters. (Fighterama, If you were not refering to the ride on this last Saturday in your post then I am sorry for my comments towords you. If it didn't happen this last Saturday then I have no comment on those actions because I may have not been there.) No hard feelings to anyone.
  20. Well ok, that's what I was wondering! My question has been answered, PRAISE JESUS!!!!!!!