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Street Addiction

Discussion in 'Eastside' started by Beerbohm, May 3, 2005.

  1. Who are the founders of street addiction?
  2. Paulie, Chelsey (sp?), please stand up....

  3. Paul and Chelsea aren't the founders.
  4. Does it really matter? No. All the drama makes me want to :puke:
  5. Cant we all just get along :wav:

    :sign10: This is how the Gixxer started
  6. I may have missed something, but why is this such an imposing question? Why not just answer the question or say that's private information you'd prefer not to disclose online.
  7. R7-RYDER
    The only thing you missed is ummm nothing really. Im just having a little fun with the poeopl that are asking. Its funny that alot of people think they know who,what, and why SA started. There our four people that know all those answers, and they dont really care aboout the drama that people are starting. SA is about riding bikes and having fun doing it. If someone has a problem with this group thats there deal, SA welcomes all riders no matter what there skill level is. Other then that talking a little trash is not going to hurt anyone.

    If you have any questions about SA PM Me and i will tell you

    :pottytra: NOW I MUST GO PACK A BOWL :D
  8. A bowl is for my poop its the one i sit on :shock:
  9. It is clearly apparent young mathew gets stimulated by other men and there bodily sad. :pottytra: :pottytra: HAPPY POOPIN!!
  10. Yeah I just finished 5 years of college to be a trauma nurse who will be putting you back together when you go down next time! I forgot, how many years of college does it take to work at Schucks??? :respecta:
  11. Be carefull jabstar17 he might tell you to "turn ur head to the right and cough" or even pull out the KY :ky:
  12. Very funny a$$-clown :laughing: :laughing:
  13. Hey Johnny-B Im having troubles peeing any ideas????????????it does not hurt!!!!!!!
  14. First step is locating your dick...when you accomplish step one, let me know.
  15. Did you know a sperm whales dick is six feet tall. if thats the case im one BIG DICK,so i found it now what
  16. Ok, good. Next step is to remove it from Jabstar's butt, and NOW should be much easier with that little fucker not attached. :eek:ccasion:
  17. YOu may be 6 foot tall but 2 inches is not big. Keep in mind they probley just felt sorry for you and wanted to make you feel better.
  18. :oops: oh thats all i have to do :thefinge: