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WTB: Street Legal Dirtbike

Discussion in 'Motorcycles' started by NonFiction, Aug 11, 2015.

  1. Howdy all. I'm looking for a dirtbike with a license plate. I'm open to thinking of quite a range of bikes; it just needs to be solid and have a plate on the back (or have one in a box, ready to go back on there upon renewal).

    I'm a pretty big guy, 240#, so 250cc is the bottom of what I'm considering. Two stroke, four stroke, long-travel, short travel, old, new… I want a steep singletrack capable trail bike and will pay cash. A non-exhaustive list of possibles here: WR450, XR650, XR400, 400EXC, XT500, IT250, TY250, TTR250, KTM 300, DT400, ATK, DT1, BSA… the list could go on but you probably get the idea.

    If you've got a bike that might fit this description, please give a shout. I NEED to get some dirt under my tires. I'm in the Seattle area, but don't mind a bit of travel if the prospect looks good. Let me know what you have and what you need to get for it. Thank you for looking.
  2. Ok. I have a low hour 2000 KX500 SuMo that comes with the dirt wheels and tires. Takes about an hour to switch the tires and wheels. I have extra parts as well. I have a bunch into it but would sell it for $2800.

  3. Look into Husqvarna TE-610's and TE-630's. They're under appreciated and if you're patient you can find a great value with lot's of extras for virtually the same or a bit more $$$ as you'll spend on a Japanese bike.
  4. Thank you for this intel. I've been noticing Huskies are a bit undervalued, seems like. Just missed a great deal on a 450. The TE610 looks huge... but then so is an XR650R I guess... WIll keep eyes peeled.
  5. KX500 looks like a barrel of lunacy. Up my alley; PM'd a few questions. Basically though, is it going to rip my arms off when I don't want it to? Can it go at moderate pace in tight/steep trails and be happy? On the street, I don't mind having arm-ripping power on tap so much...
  6. DGA

    DGA Moderator

    SM 610 is a hoot, TE610 is same stuff with different wheels and tires. Well built and will last the long haul if you take care of their little known issues.
  7. I would pay good money to see a youtube vid of a guy your size doing some steep singletrack on a few of the bikes from this list.

    Some of them are included just to make us chuckle, right? Just so we know how insane you are... correct?
  8. Ha! Chuckling optional. Not talking BSA Lightning, but Victor--long shot either way obvz. But I've had a big-tanked XR650L over the top of Jolly Mountain and didn't hurt myself. Not saying I'm superman, but I'm tough and dumb and patient when I have a bike under me and good trails in front of me. Find me the bike and I'll get you the video...
  9. Also should have mentioned: My budget tops out lot closer to $2K than to $3K. But it's in cash. Gimme shout!
  10. Cross off the Husky from your list with that budget.
  11. I am pretty sure my foot is still bruised from kicking over a couple of different 440 Victors...
    Here ya go! Little KX5 action.
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  12. That hillclimb is ridiculous! I used to watch guys on IT465s and DT1's before that climb the coal slag piles at by Roslyn (Ahem, I mean Suncadia) 35 years ago--the stuff they'd launch was pretty amazing. The state of the art--what people can climb on a bike--has advanced some since then, but not as much as in some other areas of the sport (FMX for example, backflips/frontflips, etc.). Great to see, thanks.
  13. I have a plated 1996 RM 250. PM me for details and pics.
  14. Off topic, but do you still have an RC?
  15. That hillclimb was amazing parilla.
  16. No :(

    I have a few Ducs, a couple KTMs and recently bought a Cub EZ90 & Motocompo.
  17. I was watching a bud hill climb many years ago with a cut back at the top like the one in the vid. He was just getting to the top and I saw something flying through the air. I looked back at my friend as I realized it was the chain. He and the bike tumbled down the hill. Broke his leg. Sucked. Of course this was WAY back before people wore much gear too but at least he had a helmet on.
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  18. Fixed it for you.

    OP I know this machine. A fine choice it would be.

  19. Thank you for the connex, Red Label--I've been in touch with the kindly seller of the RMX and in spite of my contention I can ride anything anywhere (still true!); I'm going to be looking for something with some valves. What I really want is an XR400 or a DRZ I think.
  20. Don't cross off DR350's. I'd offer mine but I want too much for it.
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