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Stunt practice?

Discussion in 'Kitsap' started by ride4zen, Aug 3, 2012.

  1. Gotta young man in a class today that really wants to learn to stunt but is smart enough to know a) the street isn't the place for it and b) he would learn faster (maybe with less mishaps) if he found someone to teach him that knows how and isn't an idiot.

    Do you know of folks that practice off the road and where?
  2. not really many places in kitsap, people dont seem to be open enough to letting someone practice in their parking lots. however i know a few people that go to renton and so stunt sessions so if he's interested give him my number and i can introduce him to some people. numbers in my profile

  3. i was acually the person he is talking about... i was just wondering wherepl go that sort of things so i can learn and try stunts myself
  4. like i said, there really isnt any places here because people dont want you doin that stuff in their lot. if you get ahold of me i can show you were but its all on the other side of the water....and keep this in mind, sport bikes get looked at regardless of what they do, but stunt riders get it even worse so there really is no "safe spot" to practice unless its your driveway
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