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Stunters Terrify Beltway Drivers

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by Transported, Dec 29, 2015.

  1. It's almost like a horror movie - being surrounded by a swarm of locusts or bees. You can't hear yourself think with the buzz of RPMs around you. There is no way out.

    "Be careful"
    "You're too close!"

  2. DGA

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    Way to sensationalize fucking terrifying! Annoying? Yes. Bothersome? Maybe. Terrifying? Far from it.
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  3. I think we can agree that it is annoying to almost anyone trying to drive around them. But I will say I have been in the car (though I wanted to jump out) with a driver who went the wrong way down a one-way lane in a moderately busy parking lot and started having a panic attack. She was so afraid she couldn't even grab the steering wheel lol. I can't even imagine what she would do in this situation...
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    I love motorcycles of all kinds.
    I even enjoy a stunt show.

    I had to wait on the I-90 bridge for a group of asshats that blocked it off so they could stunt.
    The longer I waited, the more angry I got.
    If I had a "front row seat" I probably would have barged through.
    Not probably, most likely would have barged through.

    The average commuter was just as impressed or worse.

    Cool guys, thanks for helping promote our sport.

    Its hard enough getting around town.
    Having a bunch of self entitled ass clowns on motorcycles make harder and take longer is just not acceptable.

  5. I think terrify is part of the mix of emotions. This is the East Coast, where I am pretty sure most people saw the viral video of stunters terrifying drivers, one of whom over reacted and ran a biker over and then was set upon by angry bikers in retribution. That would have been in my mind.

    DC ain't Portland.
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  6. Poor baby, had to wait for two minutes, boo hoo.
    Do you have this much enthusiasm for really getting traffic to move?
  7. Because it worked, was fun, didn't cow to the establishment, didn't hurt anybody, didn't launch a weapon, how many reasons does one need to give you for a reason?
  8. If people are that scared, they need to leave.
    Americans are getting to the point of being the most scared people on earth.
  9. Oh, so you're one of those kind of people, got it. Explains it all. Well said hippie.

    No, no they're not. Too many Americans have adopted the "I'm gonna do whatever the fuck I like and fuck everyone else mentality, but don't do it to me because I'll be offended" mentality. Groups like these asshats are self-indulgent, inconsiderate, ungrateful douchebags with a complete irreverence for things like law and order. Fuck these clowns. I hope they get what's coming to them.
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  10. Anyone remember 'Soylant Green' and the trucks with the scoops on the front? Now THAT would have been cool for clearing the road! :D
    Pavement Tested said it. Too many self indulgent dick wads. They want to block traffic and force people to watch.
    "Look at me! Look at me! I am awesome and special!"
  11. If people of Norainy's mindset were to show up for a ride, responsible riders have two choices - either abandon the ride, or exclude them from the ride.
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  12. "Way to sensationalize it.." If you're refering to the woman we hear in the clip, she's not sensationalizing anything. She's reacting to the situation. If she found it terrifying, so what, your dismissing her reaction is nauseating.
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  13. I really hope this is your internet persona, because if it isn't, you set a pretty low bar for what it means to be a decent human being.
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  14. WTF are you talking about? "If people are that scared, they need to leave"? What? Get out of their cars and walk along the side of the road? Again WTF? And what do you mean we're "getting to the point of being blah blah blah" What does that even mean? Don't get me wrong. I've enjoyed many of your posts over the years, but you're so out in left field on this thread.
  15. Just trying to help dakh out with a little spice. To show him it really isn't that hard if he tries just a little.



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  16. There are two more options for you. You could follow or get out of the way:p