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Sturgis Anyone????

Discussion in 'Northern ID' started by PLABOY, May 31, 2005.

  1. Greetings All

    The second of holiest biker cerimonies is vastly approaching. Sturgis 2005.
    After thourough and I mean thourough research lodging hospitality is at a minimum. Due to the rapid fillattendence. Primarilyfor thenext 2 years they are booked. Sohence the delima....
    I know I know call me a weenie, but I can't stand camping..... Have issues LOL :lol: But what would be supper cool if a group gathered and split the cost of RV Tons of rentals available, parking (for RV)you ask? well after all we're ther to ride right?
    Well, I'll shush, just thought I'de through a bug and hope for response and suggestions....

    Thinking the week of August 8th is best bet. Mon --Thurs or thurs - Sunday?

    Thanks Guys and Gals.....
  2. I'm game. That doesn't sound bad. Let me know more detail and how much you want when the time gets closer.

  3. I have been going to Sturgis for many years now, my partners and I own one of the biggest tattoo shops during the rally. Most of the hotels are always booked in advance. You can try hotels in the Rapid City area. As far as the motorhome thing goes you should be able to find a spot at Glencoe or The Buffalo Chip campgrounds. Another option for hotel accomodations is to look in Deadwood. The artists in our shop and I rent a house during the rally, and sometimes that is the best way to go with a group of people. You can inquire Sturgis area realtors, or check with the Chamber of Commeerce...
  4. Hi Jay, Dustin, and Trixie count me in.....
  5. OK Guys and Gals

    The RV might be an option. Check out this website...

    We split the cost and live in the life of luxury... LOL
    Can't wait

  6. Guff

    Guff Forum Admin Staff Member

    Hey Gypsyta2r, do members of get any discounts on tattoos? :wink:

  7. Perfect. Ive been hearing many positive things about Sturgis from the hardcore to the most timid. Everyone suggest going and these people talk from experince of actually being able to attend.

    In high reguards. Buell Man.
  8. If people from Washington Riders come into our shop at Sturgis and ask for me I'll see what I can do.....As far as from the mild to the wild it's all there. This year will be my 14th Sturgis rally and I can attest that it is a blast....
  9. Shwaa

    Shwaa Retired

    I hope whoever goes to Stugis has a good time. I can't take work off to attend, but one day I WILL make it out there. Ride safe!

  10. Sturgis is awsome. We camped and had a blast at the Yogi bear campground. They had a large shower area so that made it nice. Have fun.