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Suggestions on avoid welder in Salem/Keizer?

Discussion in 'Oregon' started by molintorch, Feb 11, 2010.

  1. Hi all,

    I'm thinkng about coring the stock cans on my monster. I found the instructions, and I can do most of the work myself, but need someone with a welding setup to put the cans back together once I finish modifying. I thoght I would ask and see if anyone as suggestions for a shop that would be willing to reweld the cans once I complete the mods. Worse case, if I don't like it, i'll go with a set of slipons, bt a friend suggested I core the cans first (technically, core chamber #3 only). Any thoughts? Thanks!

    P.S. I titled this thread wrong... It should have said "A Good" not "Avoid", silly spellcheckers!
  2. Have the same shop cut them open that welds them together. Not critical but the final fit will be better.

  3. Why weld? You could always rivet them back together. That's how most slip ons are done. If worst comes to worst jb weld! Any muffler shop can do it. They may rape you on the price. If you don't care how it looks try a small mechanic. I always had Tom at PAC-west do welding on my exhaust when it needed it. But that was in a car. If your really brave call up a high school that has a industrial tech program and have the teacher use it as a example. Hell you may be able to get one of the welding teachers at chemeketa to do it for cheap!
  4. I did a bafflectomy on suretyagents Honda a year or so ago.:evil4: He loved it!!:mrgreen: I'm also a Union Pipefitter (Welder) I went to college for it. So if you want we can take a look at it, and see what we can do. Give me a call. 503-588-7167 503-569-2449
  5. Ohh!! Thanks Justin, I will send you details so you can check it out and let me know what you think!

    Skinny, Unfortunately the way Ducati put the cans together, theres no rivets in the first place, so I have to cut it open if I want to modify it. I figure its a "grand experiment" and if I am unhappy with the results, then its an "excuse" to upgrade to something better :)
  6. Deffinatly. Always better to custom make before dropping stacks of cash. Make sure to take pics of the whole project. I'm interested in what the inside looks like and how they make their pipes
  7. After modifying your exhaust you will probably need to remap the computer.
    Ducati sells the exhaust and ecm as a package.
    Failure to properly do the remap could void your warranty.
    Might be a good idea to check on it.

    Just sayin'
  8. Hi MVSB, Yeah I checked into it already. Assuming I only core the third chamber, its not enough change to the back pressure that will require a ECU update. Basically it gets me a deeper, throatier, sound. It seems that the only changes that really require an ECU update for the 696/1100's is if you change the air intake from stock to the K&N (aka DP) filter. Otherwise, switching slip-ons doesn't require an update. Granted it doesnt add any real power, just makes it sound more like a proper Duc :)

    Justin, I sent you the link to the How - To so you can see whats involved, just let me know what you think when you have a sec? Thanks !!
  9. sidenote... why is it when I said "deeper, throatier", I felt the need to look around and make sure Baystr wasnt sneaking up behind me??

    (haha sorry Brandon, couldnt resist :p )
  10. That's called a survival instinct Todd. Don't question it, just be glad you have it.