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Sumo vinyl wrap, and some sewing

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by Mitch F, Apr 4, 2012.

  1. My work does custom vehicle wraps, so after wrapping a Honda Fit the other day, I thought I'd try my hand at doing the DRZ to get rid of the yellow (before I ruined my hand of course). It doesn't look nearly as nice in person, and I have to figure out what to do about the undersides that are still yellow, but if I decide I don't like it I can always tear it off!

    After the color change my blue seat looked like shit too, so I picked up some vinyl and a vintage (read; OLD) sewing machine from good will and taught myself how to use it. And JESUS was it harder than I thought!

    EDIT: it's hard to see, but the top of the seat is white so I can kick myself when it gets dirty... "WHY did I have to have a WHITE seat damnit!?"

    Now I'm debating whether I'm artistic enough (yeah right) to sharpie it all...

  2. I think it looks good, Great job man!

  3. It is looking very different and good. I liked these sumo vinyl vehicle wraps a lot. Well, for my bike I would like to go for something very unique and funky. It will be great if you could share any ideas for some nice graphics for that!
  4. I dig it, what brand vinyl do you use primarily? I just ordered some Sott Elemento 6 carbon fiber to wrap some stuff on my bike. I use vvivid a lot these days though.
  5. You did it well. I'm planning to wrap mine too. Thanks for the idea but I will probably seek some professional help from Gatorwraps.