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Sunday 7/15 Ride to Windy Ridge

Discussion in 'Portland Region' started by SpeedGeek, Jul 14, 2012.

  1. Cancelled due to rain

    Andresen/Padden Parkway Starbucks
    8720 Northeast Centerpointe Drive
    Vancouver, WA 98665

    Destination: Windy Ridge via Cougar

    I plan to enjoy a brisk pace but I'll be 2-up :ninja:. I won't be setting any land speed records, but the pace will be plenty quick so don't think of it as a "scenery cruise". Faster or slower riders are welcome. We'll adjust the pace as necessary.
    Last edited: Jul 15, 2012
  2. Sure post a ride to leave right by my house on a day I have to work. Booooo.

  3. I would like to go. Been wanting to hit that area. Look for a Busa headed your way 8)
  4. All black Explorer hit me with on coming radar up near the top of 25 yesterday. No markings with tinted windows.

    Road surface clean except for one patch of sand on 99.
  5. Thanks for the report. I talked to a few others that were up there yesterday. Sounds like the conditions are typical.
  6. Multiple reports of rain this morning from friends NE Portland and Vancouver.
    Checked radar map: raining in Cougar area right now.
    Cancelled for today. BUMMER
  7. Only small patches of rain/drizzle up there today.

    Seems like there were more towing boats than normal. Why don't they use the slow turnout lanes!!! :tard:
  8. They're trying to teach you to go during the week, when the roads are nearly empty!! :mrgreen:
  9. Should of went to Fossil! It was 85 all day and no clouds! It was a great day!
  10. Fossil is a bit far for 2-up. LOL
    I'll get to Fossil soon!
    You need to come ride Windy Ridge with us.
  11. Want to try for this weekend? You should come David...:mrgreen:
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