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Sunday, 8/26, Oly Peninsula circumnavigation

Discussion in 'Kitsap' started by daytona595, Aug 22, 2012.

  1. I haven't done this ride for a couple of years now so going to try it this Sunday. Counter clockwise around the Oly Peninsula, out on 101, back via Hiway 12/8. Starting (for me) in Port Orchard, 0800, meet at the boat launch in downtown PO, across from City Hall. It will include a late breakfast in Sequim and lunch in Elma or McCleary on the way back.
  2. This looks like a ride similiar to what I did last weekend! Just to let you know they are doing chip seal on Hwy 8. If my ride gets derailed, I might join you on this one! Also there is an awesome place in Sequim for breakfast. The Oak Table.

  3. Totally down.....if my tyres come through
  4. I was on Hiway 8 yesterday, saw the chip seal work. I was returning from Matlock, scouting out hunting spots for this fall. I will avoid that coming back by using some of the back roads between Elma and Olympia. Oak Table is good in Sequim. I usually eat at the 101 Diner but I saw a new Black Bear opened, will probably try it. Join me if your ride doesn't happen.
  5. Did you get your bike at Tacoma Motorsports? I swear that is the same motorcycle my husband was drooling over.
  6. I bought it from them in 2008, it's been a great bike.
  7. I might meet you all at in Port Angeles.. But can't ride too long..

    If anyone needs anything, or a small repair, we have tools!

    Just like CoastiePete, now that he's no longer in town. If anyone needs help, don't hesitate to call me... 360-775-0208, even if you need a bandaid for your booboo!!!
  8. Well, they're not lining up in droves for this ride. I am still going, there are more challenging rides on the peninsula but I like doing this one every so often. In the last week I have been working over the roads around Shelton, Matlock and Elbe. This area gets overlooked sometimes, close to Oly/Tacoma and filled with great roads and light traffic.
  10. Daytona, if you wanna tie in on the other loop, I'm probably going. Leaving from PO around 815 or so.
  11. Thanks, I saw that ride in the Tacoma forum.
  12. I left Port Orchard at 8:00, saw several State Patrol working Hiway 3 on my way north. Light traffic at that hour. The Black Bear in Sequim was too busy, detoured over to the 101 Diner, great breakfast. This ride starts being alot of fun west of Port Angeles. The road is fairly entertaining, didn't see any LEO between PA and Hoquiam, traffic was heavy eastbound thru Aberdeen. I used to do this ride every year, haven't the last few years. I was reminded today how much fun this route is. Not quite as spectacular as the Oregon Coast or some of the Cascade Mt routes but a ride all riders should do at some point. I saw several groups of bikes in Shelton. Any of them belong to the ride that went up towards Sequim?
  13. Yup, we stopped at Dairy Queen for our group to catch up all together. Were there for 20 minutes maybe. A group of 8. Good group of riders!!!!
  14. Yup, I saw a group of 4 bikes circling around near the DQ in Shelton about 3:15, must have been your crew. Keep me in mind if you want to see some of the routes that branch off of where you rode on Sunday.
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