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Sunday 8-26 Ride to Detroit & Silverton

Discussion in 'Portland Region' started by Lee650, Aug 24, 2012.

  1. Meet at the Shell Gas Station in Estacada at 10:00 Leave at 10:30. This will be a very Mellow Ride, like enjoy the scenery ride. From Detroit will then go to Silverton for lunch and back to Oregon City. Join me if you can, for some of it or all of it. With lunch plan for 5 to 6 hours.
  2. I'm going to make this one Lee :thumbup:

  3. I ran this last weekend, about 20 miles in there is a 2 foot wide ditch across the road that is filled with gravel, someone has written warnings in spray paint to let you know it's coming, after then you okay.
  4. No kidding. I don't know how far in advance that spray paint is, but the gravel pit came up immediately after I read that. That'll teach me to not space out on those backroads haha. It's a great ride, though.
  5. If you're looking for recommendations on places to eat in Silverton, I'd suggest the Home Place. Ample parking, decent short-order fare, and the best pizza around.

    Most of the other places require you to park on the street, which can get crowded these days.

    <--- grew up in Silverton

  6. Thanks for the info.
  7. :mfclap::mfclap::mfclap:
  8. I will try to make it to this one Lee.
  9. Aprilia

    Aprilia Sweep Crusader

    Thanks for reminding me of that quote of Bill's, Lee. I just smiled thinking of the times I've seen/heard him say those words...

    I'll try to make this one, as it's one we did with Bill a number of times. Lunch at the spot.

    Therapeutic rides are good. This shall be one of those for me.

    Oh, and as is most often the case, I'll sweep. We never leave anyone behind. ;)
  10. Damn, I really want to make this ride, but I have kick ball at 11. Next time for sure!
  11. Looking forward to run'n with the best of folk! :)!!! Drazen... Johnny V.... Clay-sizzle... Del... Get your ass out there! :headbang:
  12. Wish I could make this run. One of my favorites. Have fun and be safe.
  13. dscott3509

    dscott3509 Parts Collector

    Looks like a good turn out. I was heading home after a short ride to Ripplebrook, and stopped to say hello in Estacada (Yellow Tiger 800). Hope everyone had a good time.
  14. I thought you were joining us then you were gone. Yes it was a good ride today, sorry you could not stay.
  15. Hey Bruce, Thanks and sorry you had to pick up the guy and his bike, that went down. Glad he was not hurt just broken bike. Not a good way to start your group riding again. Thanks again from all of us.:thumblef:
  16. Great ride Lee. I need to map out those back roads. Beats the hell out of slabbing 22. :mfclap:

    Here are soem random pics taken.





  17. Looks like the remote works good. :mfclap::mfclap::mfclap:
  18. dscott3509

    dscott3509 Parts Collector

    Sorry I didn't say hi, I realized how late I was running.

    I saw came across that bulldozer in the Carver Curves. Had a Durango in front of me going nuts in the straights and slamming the brakes in a turn. I was behind it, just cruising, and saw the lead car come around a corner. I rolled off the throttle a bit, moved to the right, but that Durango just kept bombing. The Durango slammed the brakes and swerved right when the truck appeared and was right on the yellow line. Had a nice little laugh about it.
  19. Dragon Rider

    Dragon Rider Post Whore (In Training)

    Wish I could have made it. I saw a white 990 smt heading east on thiesen at the webster intersection at about 930 am, was that you Lee?
  20. Yep, that's about the right time. :mrgreen:
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