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Sunday: October 24 - 11:30am

Discussion in 'Eastside' started by beansbaxter, Oct 22, 2004.

  1. I just got my 12 back from the dealer, had some warranty work done to it. Anyone up for a ride this Sat or Sun?
  2. jezterr

    jezterr Retired Admin

    ride out here...

  3. We are thinking of going sometime on Sunday. Where are you thinking of going? We are open for most anything in the 2-3 hour range. :D
  4. That work for me...time and spot and I'll follow. Guff?
  5. Weather forecast as of this morning still looks promising for Sunday... :D

    trnbrn, what ya say that 12 leads? Biggest bike in front, yeah?
  6. 12, where are you located? The two of us (so far) that are up for a ride live out in the valley off of Barker. You want to head north, south, or east??? From there, we can figure out where to meet. How does 11:00 am work for all? :D
  7. I bet Alex would like to go too, and it'd be my bet that he probably has to work until 11am. I could double check with him after work, but want to tentatively say 11:30am just in case?
  8. Yeah the weather report sucks for Saturday but is clearing up for Sunday whooohoooo....

    Sunday at 11am works for me. I can meet up anywhere.

    As for the ride route, I'll look at the map tonight. I'm easy going, I just want twisties!
  9. Perfect! Let us know what you are thinking...
  10. Do you think we have enough time to hit up the Boyer Park run. Those are some extreme twisties at some points, and with the elevation, I dont know how it will be with the weather haha
  11. Boyer Park??? Never heard of it. Would love to though.

    I can recommend some good twisties too. Wolf Lodge to ST. Maries and then back out via Rose Lake or visa versa.

    Everyone OK with 11:30? If tomorrow is anything like today, we are going to be cold but good. :D
  12. 1130 is fine with me. Dress warm haha...yeah the sun is out today, hope it is just like that tomorrow.

    That entire St.Maries run is hella awesome. We could do that with Boyer Park, I'll have to get a map going...

    Dont know if we can do it all within 2-3 hours though, but we will blazing so I might surprise myself.
  13. Here is the run heading out to St.Maries and then to Boyer Park, which you can see is down off the Snake River, southwest of Pullman. Do you think we will have the time? I would prefer taking every back road rather than any major traffic-populate highway. So disregard the H-95, its just there cause the map inputted it in.

    Just so you know, I'm open for any run. As long as their are no tickets, especially in Idaho.

  14. Oh..I would love to take that route, however...I only have a few hours at best. And yes, you are right, that elevation out of Plummer could be risky. Maybe better for next spring/summer.

    If it works with you, let's all meet at the gas station at the Wendy's off of the Barker exit @ 11:30ish. :D
  15. Give me an exit number please? you ride a 999?
  16. jezterr

    jezterr Retired Admin

    hey, beans, next time you guys should take that route we were doing out by the lake where i crashed...

    and bring some flowers, too, to lay on the spot.
  17. I've riden past that spot prolly six or seven times since that fateful day. One time I missed a dear as the sun was setting, very close call that I should have ended up worse than you.

    I will lay rubber down, yet Madison wouldnt look as good as she does today because of it ya know.
  18. trnbrn does ride a 999. :)

    The Barker exit is 293 (I believe) -- It's the next one after Sullivan.

    I haven't heard back from Alex yet...
  19. wowsers! the bike of my dreams! Bellevue Motorsports let me demo run a 2004 999, and I loved it. Much more comfortable than my experience with the 996S, that's for sure.

    After I get my 10R, the 05 999 Dark is my next bike on the list.

    What would I have to do to swap bikes for twenty minutes of the ride haha...