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SuperMoto in Vancouver Wa

Discussion in 'Vancouver' started by TheSumoBear, Jun 25, 2012.

  1. wheres all the motards at? been on mine almosrt every day for a month now and the only one ive seen is a wrx in portland!

    oh yea and im new to the forum, whats up guys? lol
  2. Stop out to a coffee night or a bike night. There are a few sumo's that show up here and there.

    Welcome aboard.

  3. tomrrow night at the padden starbucks yea? lol ive been lurking a bit.
  4. Ha we don't bite. Jump on in the water is fine.

    Yes that is the spot.
  5. 6pm! Hey was that you yesterday on Andresen next to that orange cruiser?
  6. not sure if youre talking to me lol.... but no, i havent been able to ride in a few days.
  7. LOL ah ok. Look forward to meeting ya!8)
  8. likewise. hopefully i'll have the time to make it out there. i have ZERO riding buddies. Ive had my bike about a month, and logged 850 miles solo. im used to riding with huge groups of people either on a mx track or out on the trail, i know my fun levels would be mega amped if i got to ride with some people on the street.
  9. Welcome,

    Some of the best peeps in the world to ride with right here in Vancouver.
  10. lol, im thinkin that may be true. i used to work at a local shop and all the street guys that came in were always super cool.
  11. Let's ride soon! I am in Beaverton, but want to make a trip to Vancouver sometime soon to ride some cool roads out that way.....

    I have a DRZ SM also, the fastest color too - white. lol.... JK, I am a slow ass....
  12. Hey mine is white too. Lol we're like twins man. I don't know too many fun twisties though. The ones I liked to rally in my cage are a joke on the SM. But one solid route I like is a lot of fun, but its not very long. Past lacamas lake then back roads to washougle river road, to salmon falls road to hwy 14, then 32nd ave exit back into shougle and take it back down to washougle river road and take it back to Blair road and lacamas lake again. Rough road at times and lots of deer make it kind of hairy though.
  13. Howdy.

    I'll take my li'l 250 out and show you a couple good roads.

  14. Thinking Friday, late morning, but I can shift to Saturday if that works better.

  15. Friday definitely works better. The woman will be at work lol. I think.maybe she owns me on the weekends lol.
  16. OK, Friday it is.

    I'll post a ride on a separate thread; just in case others want to play.

    EDIT: I see Redkat is posting up an all-day ride. Do you want to do that run, or a shorter run?

    Last edited: Jun 26, 2012
  17. Is that the stone henge trip I saw? That'd be a pretty Lonnng ride for my body to withstand on a sumo. I'm pretty banged up from numerous trips to the hospital back in my motocross days....
  18. PM sent.

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