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Susp. help:Husaberg sumo set-up?

Discussion in 'Portland Region' started by ddonacazx12, Aug 30, 2012.

  1. Hey there suspension gu-ru's...

    A buddy just got a new Husa sumo and he was asking me about suspension set-up.

    (said it felt funny in the turns) :tard:

    anyhow so I know about 35mm is a good rule of thumb, for most folks to get by until a pro can tune it... but what about a sumo?

    Do ya usually run more sag (say 40mm) due to the increase in travel?

    (it looks like it's probably got 6-7" where most sportbikes only have about 5)


    and yes I told him to take it to hoodview/edr/sds/kfg for a set-up as soon as the oportunity presents itself... I was just trying to help best I could in the mean time.
  2. Yeah, that sounds about right. Mine's an '05 so the exact settings aren't the same as a FS570. I can say I have more front comp and reb. Rear high speed comp backed off almost a full turn.

    The other thing that comes to mind is I think that bike comes stock with Pilot Powers. Those tires have no business being on a SuMo unless it's being ridden to the grocery store.

    You can't generate enough heat in them on that light bike. I'm running Bridgestone med compound pattern slicks. Contact Chris Stricker at CMC Performance and he'll set your friend up. Then come visit us at Mac track :mrgreen:
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  3. thanks Dave for looking out for me!

    Yeah i guess the days where it felt good it was 80+ outside.

    I will defiantly look into some tires and suspension when money becomes available.

    Jeff B.
  4. Try running 26 psi cold f/r for street riding. It's probably more about the tires than suspension settings.
  5. I'll give that a shot, thanks for the help
  6. lol... well with only 20mm front sag and 40 in the rear, it's AT LEAST partly about the suspension set-up.

    ya need to soften the front preload to 40, then you can adj the damping accordingly... if yer free on Sat night bring yer manual to VBN and we can do it there (as long as Husa doesnt require any special tools...)

    oh, btw the book is on your desk.
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