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Suzuki sale looks good!!

Discussion in 'Portland Region' started by jaybo666, Feb 19, 2012.

  1. buy any 2011 GSXR600/750/1000, get $1000 off and 0% financing for 5 years:mfclap: time to upgrade anyone??

  2. How does one upgrade when they already own an R1?
  3. Yes!!! Pay $75 a month for 5 years and have a 8K balloon payment at the end of those 5 years for a bike that's only worth 6K by then. Where do I fill out my application???
  4. That's why you pay it off BEFORE the end of the 5 year loan term. 0% is free money and credit for 5 years. :secret:
  5. If you sell your bike at a good price, buy one of these for a good price (talk them out of dealer costs, setup fees) and you're an oregon resident that doesn't pay sales tax, this would be a good way to get some extra on-hand cash.
  6. Yeah because that's how the majority of society handles their finances. :tard:
  7. RedKat600

    RedKat600 Vintage Screwball Staff Member

    At your local Suzuki Dealership.

    Dis is why I can sign and drive just about anything.

    Fixed for ya.
  8. That's a great idea until you lose your job, become injured and can't work, or your family has a medical emergency. I bet one late payment and they jack your interest rate through the roof.

    I'd love to know how many people took out loans with the intent to pay back in half the time, and life happened to them, leaving this loan payoff on the back burner.

    Thomas Stanley's Millionarie next door found 70-some percent of 1st gen millionaires have never financed something with a motor.

    You guys go sign and drive all you want. We need someone to take the hit on the massive depreciation of new vehicles for the sake of the rest of us.

    Have fun!!
  9. I wonder what percentage of those "first gen millionaires":

    a) were from a period in history in which cars were much less a percentage of someones' yearly salary.
    b) came from families with money (not millionaire status, but still ample money to buy a good used vehicle, pay for their kids college and living expenses and such)
    c) bought a really nice car after they made their money.
  10. Have to look, but I believe the study was done in the 80's.

    I'm sure some of them bought nice cars, why not? They could afford it.

    But most lived in $300,000 homes driving $30,000 cars. Many of their neighbors had no idea of their wealth, most did not have unusually high incomes.
  11. When most of the household incomes in the united states are well below $80k per year, 100k plus per household is rather high.

    By 1989, from 1980 the average new car doubled in price, while income went about 50%... and it continues to get worse. A house went from 68k to 120k.

    Average Salary in 1989 - 29k - 2010 - 31k.

    Average new car price in 2010: $29,217
  12. You can twist #s however you want. My income the last 3 years was about $3500, this year it's $10,000.

    I own 2 paid for vehicles. They're not the prettiest or the nicest, but they both work.

    Look, we don't have to agree on this, we can still be cool. I dont care if people finance or not. Thats none of my business. I'll never accept financing things with motors, ever in my life.
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  13. Relax... I'm not trying to start a fight... Times change, and so do strategies to gain and obtain wealth, of which need to adapt to the surroundings.

    If someone quotes a book or some statistic, I want to get the facts behind it. I don't just read something and accept it as fact. I'm curious like that.

    I financed my first vehicle at 18, and got such a great deal that I made over $700 (after interest and fees) after I sold it 2 years later, while building my credit.
  14. Sometimes financing works, sometimes it doesn't. I know people who had their car repo'ed out of the driveway overnight, they didn't have a way to get their kids to school the next morning by the time they realized it. Shitty situation.

    There seems to be too many catches, especially with so many sub-prime lenders wanting to finance everyone. While doing college, and interns, odd degree-related jobs for basically free, I've realized that not only have my vehicles worked just like a $10K car would, I'm expecting them to last until I can save up, and move up later.

    I just see it as an unnecessary stepping stone when trying to move up in life. I am friends with too many "stupid" people that I watched involuntary screw themselves with a loan they took.

  15. even though i won't be using this financing{cuz i just bought a 2007 GSR1000}, it wouldn't scare me a bit to bite on this deal. i have a great job with good income, know how to manage my finances well. i like the latest tech and want to enjoy the best there is while still being young enough to enjoy. obviously this isn't for everybody, but for those thinking of purcha:stir:sing a new ride,this is a no- brainer
  16. I would jump on this deal as well. I've got a great job as an RN and would be able to afford to spend a couple hundred dollars a month to pay the bike off faster but: I plan to join the military at the end of the year and it would be just my luck to get stationed in Alaska or some other bike unfriendly place. I'm not a fair weather rider but AK is way to cold for me to ride a bike.
  17. Jay, you ignorant man-slut. . .you need to buy a new bike NOW as your '07 is outdated and ugly too. Once you learn to not spend your money in an irresponsible way then it would be a no-brainer for you to purchase an R1 or a used Vespa with an automatic clutch.