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* SW Ride 8/12/12, 10:30 am *

Discussion in 'Portland Region' started by lena, Aug 11, 2012.

  1. Meet at Chevron Station on SW Scholls Ferry, close to Murray at 10:30 am, leave few minutes after to explore Bald Peak and fun roads around it. Medium fast pace, 2-3 hrs before it gets too hot.

    Warning: Bridge Pedal will have all the bridges closed Sunday morning, more or less between 5 am and noon. Here is some info about which bridges are closed in which direction:
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  2. Some friends and I are doing same ride. Leaving a littler earlier though. Maybe see ya out there.

  3. im in if i can find a way around.
  4. Ohhhh fun ride! Too bad I gotta work.

    Have fun everyone and be safe.
  5. The chevron between 7eleven and walgreens correct?
  6. Thank you lena for trying to find me. Turns out I was 6 miles away from you guys cause I entered the wrong address in my gps.
  7. My first ride with PNW. I had fun, hope I didn't slow you down8)
  8. Aprilia

    Aprilia Sweep Crusader

    Nope. Good riding with ya.
  9. Ah, that explains it! We couldn't figure out where you were, so sorry it didn't work out. I can't believe there is another Walgreen's and a Chevron on Scholls Ferry next to each other, that's just wrong ...
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