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Featured Tabs - Seriously?

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by MotoGK, Aug 23, 2017.

  1. Is this a mistake or is this new norm?!

  2. New norm:

    "This tax helps fund construction and operation of Sound Transit's regional mass transit services. In 2016, voters in the Sound Transit district approved an additional tax of eight-tenths of one percent (0.8%) for regional transit expansions, raising the rate to 1.1%. The increase applies to vehicles with tabs beginning or renewing on or after March 1, 2017."

  3. Mine went up $20. Really hurt. Kidding. Seems some people's have gone up more than others regardless of the vehicle value. It seems to be somewhat regional. I wonder if there's another tax based on where you live within the sound transit area?
  4. I paid 130 last year on my scout with personalized plates. 250 this year. Pisses me off that I'm paying for something I don't use. Both through tabs and property tax. They also did a gas tax for this a couple years ago.
  5. Went up 78 bucks. 160 something.
    Fucking cockhole st3 bullshit.
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  6. That's why voting is important.
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  7. Yeah, I have dual residency (Nevada and Washington) and the ST3/RTA fees are making me strongly consider moving all my WA registrations to [back to, in some cases] Nevada. Downside is I'd have to haul them all down to Reno to do so.
  8. my only complaint is that it should be shared statewide, ferry ride is very expensive and easy for most to say well pay as you use it, same with bridges but then we build 100s of miles of highway out into the middle of nowhere where very few people live and there's no toll for them. My tabs aren't anywhere near that high, I live in Kitsap county and commute to Seattle daily so i'm going to benefit (probably indirectly) from transportation infrastructure projects in the city but it sounds like i'm not paying a fair share. :\
  9. You can thank Sen Curtis King for your tab woes. The 2015 Hog I bought in April was almost $1300 to register. Yet the legislature is holding up lane sharing, the cheapest fix for congestion in Seattle. Support ABATE in this effort. Even if you aren't on board with ABATE at the very least be contacting your legislators. Rep Judy Clibborn needs to hear from Seattlites on lane sharing, she's transportation committee chair and sitting on this bill .....
  10. I voted against it, sucks that it's so high. I just registered my bike and it cost me $458... Sale price reported 3k.
  11. Fuel taxes help pay for the highways, along with Federal $$ for the Interstates. I am forced to pay an extra $5 on each of my vehicles, every year ($110 per year), for ferries that I don't ride on. My fuel taxes help pay for roads I don't ride on. The ferry charge is irritating, but its really not that much. But that Seattle transportation tax? Its all yours. Those of us that live elsewhere in the state have zero interest in funding your bus system.
  12. Can't do that. The licensing in Washington is independent from any deal you have in Nevada.
  13. Few people read through the proposed laws. I do. Voted 'NO'. People vote 'Feel Good' instead of 'Think Good'. Sucks we get stuck for it.
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  14. As long as the tax stays in the county that voted it in, and not make the rest of us pay for your "FEEL GOOD " vote I'm ok with it
  15. It is illegal to ride here for more than 90 days without registering your vehicle in Washington. The laws are against you.
  16. You can't ride here for over 90 days without registering in Washington.
  17. IMHO the weight fees are a crock of crap/money grab/additional tax/punishment.

    I get that heavy vehicles wear on a road faster than light ones but forcing us to buy tonnage we can't use? really ?

    We pay more per pound on our bikes than a 3/4 ton 4X4pick up truck does...fully loaded.

    It's almost like Olympia/Seattle has an axe to grind against motorcyclists.

    Reduces congestion: Check.
    Consumes less resources: Check.
    Less emissions per mile: Check.
    Reduced wear and tear on roads: Check.
    Wallets ripe for the picking: Check
  18. spolic

    spolic Ducati Pilot

    That's crazy talk!
  19. No... you can't get CAUGHT riding more than 90 days without registering. Just like you can't get caught speeding or lane splitting.
    So how fast do you ride? How often do you get pulled over?

    If you're riding mostly on the weekends, it's very easy to say you're only visiting the area... as long as you have a Nevada driver's license to match your license plate.
    If you're commuting to work every morning and you get stopped on 405, it's a little harder to say you live in another state.
    The bottom line is what they can prove, but if you get pulled over and even get a warning, the next time you're pulled over they'll be seriously questioning how long you're "visiting".
    When I moved up to Puyallup last year, I "visited" for 6 months before changing everything over, but I didn't get stopped or questioned during that time period.

    Between the commute congestion and the circus that is Seattle politics and ST3, after a year in Puyallup, I moved back south to Nevada again. I left a bike in Puyallup and I can fly up to ride that area in the summer when it's nice, but it's 61 degrees here today, and it hasn't rained since August. Good luck with your wildly out-of-touch politicians... ours are just the normal corrupt kind.
  20. kawidude88

    kawidude88 formerly gsxrdude24

    Its the state Regional Transportation Association that has to get there cut. They have to fund their defunct transportation system. I honestly had a shock last year on April 1 , 2017 the new tax rule came in and the registration on a new bike that was 5k was nearly 500 bucks. Also they seem to can not figure that a bike reduces wear and tear on the roads.
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