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Featured Tabs - Seriously?

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by MotoGK, Aug 23, 2017.

  1. You can bitch about it or help do something about it
    Again folks, ABATE is dropping bills this coming session(again) to address:
    The weight tab fees
    Motorcycle parking
    Lane Sharing
    Enhanced penalty for striking a "vulnerable user of a public way", meaning pedestrians, us, horseback riders and bicyclists
    A 5 year program allowing helmet choice and a study to the effects of helmet choice

    Even if you don't want to get involved with ABATE at the very least track the bills on the legislatures web site and contact your representatives. ABATEs web site also keeps tabs on all this.
    Got questions ask me....
  2. ABATE and BikePAC of Oregon's priority for this session is lane sharing, number 2 is adding riders to the vulnerable road users list.

  3. Taxes are the price of living in a civilized society. If you want services you gotta pay, one way or another.

    One reason tab fees are so high is that we have no state income tax.

    Heavy trucks pay squat in road taxes compared to the damage they cause.

    We drive more, but actually pay less in fuel taxes because vehicles are more efficient and fuel taxes are not indexed to inflation.

    And don't complain that you don't use something, so you shouldn't necessarily have to pay for it. All of us riders who LOVE going into the boonies to ride on those unpopulated twisties are being subsidized like crazy in our hobby. Those roads don't pave themselves and there certainly isn't even close to enough economic activity out there to pay for them. We do it because we want to live in a common, civilized society. And if you don't like some public policy, do what the others above have suggested: Educate yourselves and VOTE.
  4. I'm from Oregon and ours continues to rise as well. No there's no end in sight. You can lobby to exclude motorcycles based on weight and miles traveled. Check with ABATE of Washington. It's probably on their radar.
  5. There's always my solution. Buy a house in Eastern Washington, register the vehicles there. $68 to renew tabs on each of my four vehicles. The difference in cost pays for half of my property taxes on the place we still own in the communist paradise. Oh, and everything else is about 30% cheaper over here, too.
  6. Better look at your tab statement, every rig you register has the $25 weight fee
  7. $63.75 for mine.

    Reg: $30
    Weight: $25
    Filing fee: $3
    Service Fee: $5
    Technology Fee: $.25
    DOL fee: $.50

    I wish they would reduce the weight fee by about 10 bucks. It irritates the crap out of me that I have to pay the same weight fee for a TU250 that i do for a Honda Element. And the 'service fee'...grrrr. I used to get my tabs from DOL with no fee. The $5 was if you used a private service to get your tabs from. Then the state decided that you're gonna pay it regardless. So now, if I get my tabs through DOL that $5 goes to the ferry replacement fund. F that, there isn't a ferry within 150 miles of my house. So now I use the local bookkeeper and they can keep the fee.