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Tacoma Cycle Gear Bike night 7/17 at 6pm

Discussion in 'Tacoma-Puyallup' started by BCspur, Jul 13, 2012.

  1. So who's going??? :wave:
  2. I can win tires for MY BIKE !

  3. trade? :thefinge:

  4. even if they are called ShitCo as long as i dont go to the shit using them... im good.... :nana
  5. I'm in! I got my bike back yesterday! Whoo hoo! Not sure if I'll be on the Katana or the Ninja (depends on whether Aaron can make it or not). Aaron and I adjusted the preload and now the Katana is lower than my Ninja 250 . But only by a TINY bit.

    I wish that Doc Martens made motorcycle boots. I love that the soles are so thick - they make me about an inch taller...
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  6. Actually, I just found out there's a bike night event at Rock The Dock at the same time. My friend owns that restaurant and I missed the first one. So I'll be going there instead. All my friends are going to be there too...

    So sorry, but won't be going to Cycle Gear.

    If anyone wants to join, just let me know. Cuz parking won't be an issue. We (friends) - get parking in the front. I prolly will park on the actual wharf, since I have such a light bike.
  7. bike night at Rock The Dock is Thursday the 19th. Cycle gear is the 17th.

    Rock The Dock Invite:
  8. Oh - duh... I mis-read the dates. I was wondering why bike night got switched to thursday... :scratchea yes, then I'm in.
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  9. I can go.Where is cycle gear located??
  10. Cycle Gear 2501 S 38th St, Tacoma
  11. Day off. I'm in...unless the weather is shitty.
  12. I just got off the phone w/Catherine of Cycle Gear (cuz the tire I ordered came in) and ended up talking about bike night.

    They're definitely giving away tires. You put you info in a bowl and they'll draw your name - and if you win, they call you in the morning. So the odds aren't bad - it's only going to be the people that are at bike night. However, they do expect a lot of people to go.

    Those tires may happen to be Dunlop Q2s.

    AND - they have and may also be giving out gift cards of various $ amounts as prizes - in the past, it's been $100 card). AND also may be giving out 40% off cards...

    There will also be food - Imperial Riderz are grilling.
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  13. Good chance I'll be there.
  14. Why did you say 6:00 PM? Doesn't it start earlier?
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