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Tail of the Snake

Discussion in 'Pullman / Moscow' started by Dart, Mar 11, 2011.

  1. Come join us at our 3rd annual Fastlane Tail of the Snake.You can ride the world famous spiral highyway or go off road for the dual sport challenge. This ride is free, donatation only, going to the Christan Motorcyclist's Association Run for the Son. Every $5 thrown in the hat gets a door prize ticket and $15 gets u tickets and a t-shirt, $20 gets you a long sleeve shirt and 4 tickets. No host breakfast at the Wayback Cafe...2138 13th Ave, Lewiston Id...ending at Diary Queen 1302 Main St, Lewiston. For more info... Phone or text

    Sat April 16, 2011, Breakfast at 10am... First bikes out 12 noon.
  2. I should be back in Idaho in time for this!

  3. I'd go, but I'm planning on riding the other direction...
  4. Hey, we're doing this in groups of ten + or -, wanna lead?jumpjump:
  5. This is a ride of too many choices - to take the dual sport or the street bike? Last year was the first year of a dual sport route - what a blast! Although this year I'm leaning toward the street route - but the dual sport route is sounding mighty interesting.... too many choices.... what is a girl to do? Maybe street- there are always a few ladies riding street bikes... but the dirt.. only me with 8 guys...... the guys were great but it'd be nice to have another women or 2 on dual sport ride. Hmmm ....which way do I go? Well I got a few weeks to decide.... maybe by then I'll have made a choice. ???dual sport - street???, dual sport - street???, dual sp...................
  6. Any more info on the ds section of the ride? Route?
  7. Hey, did a little pre trip inspection of the entire route yesterday! Sprial was in good shape, here's a look/see:biggrin:
  8. I think Kari and I will be in town this year, so we'll have to join you. Normally she would be totally up for a DS ride, but this early in the season she may be intimidated. We'll see what she wants to do. If it would stop snowing up here we could get out on some rides before then!
  9. I'm interested in more details about the DS route as well.
  10. [​IMG] We did a pretrip of the ds route today! Greg Nolan is the Trail Boss and has the route. His email is
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  11. Greg emailed me back with the DS route description. Here is what he sent:

    Looks like an amazing route to me. Not sure if Kari will want to try it or not, but if she doesn't go I'm definitely going the DS route.
  12. new distanzias come in today, I should be in for the DS ride. Just not looking forward to the highway to lewiston and back :-/ might have to regear.
  13. I ran the route with the guys on Saturday - nothing technical just gravel, dirt, some mud and lots of beautiful places. Don't know what she rides but she shouldn't have any trouble. The guys where great last year about waiting at every turn for everyone to catch up. Or she can run the street route - There will be different groups from those running over the limit to those taking their time to smell the roses along the way - so everyone can run in their comfort zone.
  14. Got this from Trail Boss Greg this am, if your going to do the dual sport route, he does have an alternate, to avoid the mud pits!

    If the weather is lousy while I’m gone this week, I will change the route because that dirt road up on top will be slicker than all getout. The new route would be up river past Asotin, up Weissenfels Ridge out onto Hwy 129 and a run down Rattlesnake canyon for some great paved twisties, a leg stretch/photos, and you could get a soda at the store on the river. Then back up the grade and back down the grade we came down then back into Asotin...Greg
  15. Hi, fairly new to the group, what will be the route for the non-DS folks? Other than going up the ol' spiral highway...?
  16. At the top of Spiral, on to Pullman, through town, on out 27 to Palouse. Turn at the Kamiak Butte or Clear Creek road, then on to the Colfax/Palouse highway which is 272. Down to Colfax, out Colfax on 195 to Pullman, then hang a right on Wawawai/Pullman Rd. (There's a flashing yellow light at the intersection.) Down to Wawawai and along the river to Clarkston, cross Red Wolf Bridge onto Bridge St. and then "parade" downtown Clarkston across the Blue Bridge to the Dairy Queen, downtown Lewiston. Gonna do this in groups of 8, possibley 10 depending on numbers. Last year we had a good mix of sport/sport touring types as well as cruisers. We try to divide this up with similar riding styles and bikes. All are welcome.:mfclap:
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  17. Is there a google map link for the street ride? Thanks
  18. Did it last year, great ride. Will be there this weekend again with a couple other guys, meeting at Sonic on Ruby and rolling out about 9am
  19. I haven't done a google map, but do have a description and a hand drawn map to pass out on the morning of the ride. Let me work on the other, and try to get it up before you all leave... uhh that didn't sound right, but you know what I mean.
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  20. Some of us from the Spokane FastLane group are meeting at the A&W/gas station at 195 and Spokane-Cheney Rd at 8 am if anyone wants to get an earlier start down...See Facebook page for "Tail of the Snake Ride"
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