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Talked me into it-- The 'fighter

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by Fighterama, May 31, 2005.

  1. Well here is misguided attempt #2 at taking a wrecked bike and making something fun out of it.

    What I started with, bought on e-bay from a guy in portland

    Complete teardown of front end, new gauge cluster (hand built without the right tools), sorted some broken parts, and braided hoses. Also, headlight setup #1, looked cool, dim like me.

    More plastic mods, retuned computer and the headlights that actually accomplish something.

    And then I crashed it.

    Beerbohm's zook was really mean to my bike, kicked it while it was down...

    something is missing!

    And the handywork of Bill's heliarc

    And I thought hell, its outa comission until the tach is shipped and the parts are welded, lets do the paint! Had it shot in Audi orange, its a little lighter than anticipated, but I think it looks great.

    And my signature license plate placement

    Alright, lets hear it! Thoughts on the bike? other ideas?
  2. I like it, does it still have a crush on that gixxer1000 crackup:

  3. cordodor

    cordodor Retired

    what was your original purchase price?

    Do you have a pic of what the bike should look like from the factory? or what year/model is it and i'll go look it up...
  4. jabstar17

    jabstar17 Le Bitch

    Looks great Eric! I like the color!
  5. As original:

    I picked it up for $1600 even, and now with paint and all the work, a grand total of $1993. Fabrication is cheap when you dont pay yourself! Im glad to do any at $25/hr (1/3 typical shop rate) as well as service if people want it.

    Oh, and went down 2 teeth in the front today :shock:
  6. Just so you know blue, black and white does not go with Audi orange. You may want to sit down and have a chat with your bike and let it know that a gixxer and a triumph can not have babys together so your bike needs to learn to keep its gruby little hands off. :lol:
  7. very nice. makes me wish I had a garage/shop and worthwhile tools and little more know how to create my own project.
  8. Bob--- You have a prime bike for it, just find a look you like, I can fix ya up nicely, do some really trick custom stuff on there, would look sweet on an sv!

  9. cordodor

    cordodor Retired

    nice work on the fighter. it looks much better than the original, IMO.
  10. 86 hits and 8 replies.... cmon people, good bad or indifferent lets hear somethin!

  11. jezterr

    jezterr Retired Admin

    the old bodywork was poop. the new bodywork IS the poop.

    very cool. and orange.
  12. jabstar17

    jabstar17 Le Bitch

    YO, Eric! I just picked me up an old CB750. Its gonna be a cafe style when I am done! I will have to keep you tuned in on the progress.

    But I like the Triumph. You should start doing them up and then sell um. You could prob get like $3500 for it. Great Job!
  13. KCander

    KCander El Duderino "Old Timer"

    Looks pretty badass w/ the orange paint. I like the view from rear (huh huh huh), looks slim and trim. Don't 'spose they make a solo seat or a seat cowling for that thing? I've always been partial to solo seats on streetfighers and cafe-style bikes. Definitely looks ready for some good ol' fashioned houliganism though.
  14. Matt-- Ill buy that bike off ya now if you wanna get rid of it... been thinkin about the cafe for a while now. I was kinda lookin for the right parallel twin, but the CBs have a nice look as well. Oughta be cool, just wait until the perfect tank comes along, they go off better with a nice one.

    KC-- I have a solution for the seat because they make a cowling for it, but it doesnt come off 'fighter enough for me. We will just say theres another subbie in my garage, and the grinder is warming up....

  15. I may have to consider that. Prolly can't afford much until maybe next year (start in late winter/early spring and roll it out for new riding season maybe?) Know of any good web sites to get ideas and what not?
  16. Most all the stuff is in german and austrian as its huge over there and hasnt really caught on over here. Googling streetfighter and street fighter will get you some galleries, and the ace cafe website is always stellar, has fighter and cafe info on it. Post a few pics of it up, see what ideas people have, those SVs have a great basic shape, can definitely be pushed to some extremes to change it, and If we play our cards right, cheaply!

  17. I think it's sexy. We should go ride again and you should bring her. I wanna hump it a little bit. ;)
  18. jabstar17

    jabstar17 Le Bitch

    Sorry Eric, not for sale... I am picking her up today after work. She needs a little revamping of the motor. The story is, she got parked running about 5 years ago, and has never been running since. He lost the key. Other then that it is decent shape.
    The plan, narrower gas tank, new solo rear seat, rear sets, and a custom sweet looking front cowl, and of course; clip on handle bars. Depending on looks I might even buil a sidecar for it too.
    I will keep my out for another one, I will let u know if I find one for ya.
  19. I think the job and work you did is great - I only wish I had the 1) patience 2) talent and 3) the artistic ability to see what it would like to look like when it's all done - good job - I think it looks great and it's especially nice considering the cost - what a wonderful outcome - btw how does it run? for a city bike it's great -