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Tall Riders? or small bike?

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by RadarLovinDj, Dec 24, 2004.

  1. hey when you taie a picture of you on your bike does it look like your riding a clown bike or an cr 80? I'm 6 ft and when im on my 2k2 cbr 600f4i and i have someone take a pic I look like a giant! so is it time for a new bigger bike?
  2. Jafar

    Jafar Retired Admin

    i say whatever makes you happy. if you look and feel better on a bigger bike and that matters to you, then get a bigger bike, especially if you add in the joy of extra torque and more horses. that always makes me happy.


  3. Guff

    Guff Forum Admin Staff Member

    Heheh... I think it's time you add a pic to this thread so we can see for ourselves. :p

  4. jezterr

    jezterr Retired Admin

    from what i've gathered, our bikes are built for the ones who designed 'em: small europeans and asians. fortunately, i'm in the latter category.

    but dude, is it something that really matters? i mean, a bike is a bike. just because you're bigger doesn't mean you have to get a bigger one, especially if you're not as experienced as you should be for a bigger bike. no one's going to hassle you about how big you look, which, at 6'something" doesn't sound that big at all. that's like average. and if someone does hassle you, who gives a shit? kick his ass, sea bass.
  5. tedg04

    tedg04 ted sux

    You know how all the short people complain about seat height? Tall people have issues with the seat-peg distance. This is why everyone over 6' should be on a zx14
  6. I guess that means the Itialians have short legs and long arms!
  7. I feel huge on my bike, seat to peg height as Ted sez, even my reach to the bars is kind of short, compared to my old 400 though the bike is huge. Well not really but it feels bigger, physically there isn't much difference except for the ergos.
  8. My wife is Italian and at 5 foot tall, cant ride any stock Moto guzzi. She rides a Virago 535.. I, on the other hand, at 6 foot, am just a tad too tall for my 73 MG Eldo LAPD with the cut down seat. I do fit my 82 kz1100 really nice tho. so its kinda odd how some bike companies measure things. :scratchea
  9. That's why I love the 84 Interceptor. It's sporty, but it's got the perfect ergos for us tall folk. Modern sport bikes are just to cramped for me most of the time.
  10. A bike with a bigger engine will probably be wider and have a longer wheelbase. The cbr, even the larger version seems to have a shorter than average wheelbase by about 2 inches. Doesn't sound like much but it makes a huge difference in the way the bike looks. The busa is only a couple inches longer than your bike, but it dwarfs a cbr when you see them side by side.
  11. An R1 isn't any bigger than an R6; nor is a GSX-1000R any larger than a GSX-600R or 750R. However, I have found that a Ducati's cockpit is a little bit longer than an equitable Honda, Suzuki, or Yamaha. So again, the little man speaks the truth... Euro bikes are designed after Euros, and Jap bikes after Japs.

    Harleys and Buells might be something else to look at, but I find that the Sportster has more of a smaller frame (some would say it was modelled after women), and the Buells aren't any larger than the Ducs.

    Why not get some adjustable rearsets for your CBR, and change the bar position; that can do a lot for your comfort. If this isn't about comfort, but simply about how you appear to others, why do you care? I'll guarantee that a Busa, ZX-12, or ZX-14 isn't going to be nearly as nimble as that 600 you've got.
  12. If your worried about what people think. Stop it! Fuck them if they think you look funny. Now if your not comfortable and you think it hampers your riding, then by all means get a bigger bike. I have a ZX-12R for one reason. IT FITS. The leg room is great, my helmet doesn't hit the windscreen when i'm tucked, and i don't feel like i'm standing on my head like the cbr929rr i had previously(which had no leg room). Of course my bike has disadvantages. It's heavy compared to a 600, has a lot of power(not always a good thing), costs more to insure, gets worse gas mileage etc.... But i love it, and you'll never get the same thrust on a smaller bike. It's addicting. So just make sure your deciding for yourself not for what someone else thinks.
  13. Holy old thread batman!!!

    And uh...I think it's just the bike he was riding. I'm short, therefore, I look fine on my 02 CBR600 F4i, but get someone else on there of normal height, and it looks like a vespa.
  14. "Europeans" are actually taller than Americans on average, at least some nations.

    Race replicas are made for small riders simply because that's what the rider size is for those who race at the world level, with very few exceptions.
  15. I'm not too tall however I am a heavy guy, but I refer to riding my wife's Ninja 250 as "Humping the Snail"..... :) :) :) .....all hunched over it... :)
  16. 2004! This guy probably has 3 0r 4 different bikes by now!

    I personally feel huge on a 636 or most 600's that's why I ride a VFR and a CBR 1k. They just seem to "fit".

  17. crackup:crackup:crackup:............ nice choice in bike BTW!
  18. Rippn

    Rippn Human Race Qualifier<br>FREE and clean

    Now that most SP's are 600's w/ 1ltr engines... there TINY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    But I relish riding them as my friends let me...What a HOOOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    My 12r fits great... and the TL feels quite smaller,the CBR 1kf, quite lower,but I adapt to everyything, out of shear love for each bike special personality. Did ya know that "big people ("tall" )can use the airflow over there backs better than some, for sheer speed and gas millage?. I like not boot bang'n th seat hump on the TL... just do a 4' cresent kick getting on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have been the brunt of "a yeti hump'n a football..." comment B4.
    FREE and clean, Ripp'n
  19. 600s are physically small bikes. I'm nearly 6'2" and my '03 F4i fits me like a glove.

    course, do you really think people are gonna stare at you and go "man, the size of that bike is really disproportionate when compared to the size of the rider" while you flash past them at twice the speed limit? :evil4:
  20. I am 6 feet 2 inches, riding a VTR250, and I have no problems.