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Teaching the Kids - The starter bike thread

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by Hodakaguy, Jan 28, 2011.

  1. Thought It might be fun to have a thread dedicated to Kids bikes of all, videos, tech, helpful hints etc.

    I started my son on a Skuut balance bike at 2 years old, it's basically a small bicycle with no pedals. They are really popular in Europe and teach your kids to ride a regular bike without ever needing training wheels. They start by just sitting on the bike and pushing themselves along, eventually they start lifting up their feet and coasting a bit. Pretty quickly they are coasting down long hills etc. My son went right from his Skuut to a regular pedal bike with no problems. I really believe in the Balance Bike concept now. :thumb

    Here's a short vid of my son on his Balance Bike:

    My son is now 3.5 years old and I've been looking into a bike to get him started on. I was going to pick up a Yamaha PW50 then I came across the Oset electic bikes. After looking into them and talking to other Oset owners I decided to pick up a 12.5" Oset. Everyone said their kids learn faster on the Oset, they learn to stand quicker and develop better balancing skills. Because it's electric and whisper quiet you can get away with riding it in parks, your front yard, etc where you can't ride the gas setups, because of this they get a lot more time in the saddle.

    I also liked that I can lay it in the back of my wife's car, no gas to spill, no hot muffler, no starting the engine etc. Runs a couple hrs on a charge and has a max speed of 15mph, you can adjust the governor from 0-15mph. I currently have his bike slowed down until better throttle/brake skills are learned. I really like the 36V 16" Oset so if my son takes to this one I'll most likely get the 36V as his next bike. :mfclap:

    Here's a short vid of my boy on his new Oset taken at a local park, this was his 3rd time out on it. Here he tried standing on the pegs for the first time, we are still working on smooth throttle control/brake usage.

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  2. Mic

    Mic Retired

    That little electric bike is so cool, and I agree, that is really probably the way to go with kids, as you are able to have them use it anywhere.

    Good Job!

  3. Last summer I saw a kid at PR (bicycle races night, BuDu put on a BBQ for the racers -- I was at the grill) on one of those Skuut bikes. He was probably about the same age, and he was doing power slides with it... Was awesome watching this little kid shredding it on that thing.
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  5. That Oset is cool..

    I might have to upgrade Louis's ride this summer..
    He loves his electric Duc..
    Yes the training wheels do come off..
  6. NoQuarter#121

    NoQuarter#121 WMRRA #2 Overall Points Champion

    I love it!
    Make it fun and he will keep riding.

    Please remember when your friends ask.
    2 wheels are much safer for kids.

    Quads are a terrible choice for inexperienced riders.
    (honestly, unless you need a tractor, quads are always a terrible choice for anyone:thefinge:)

    The way the quad crashes hurts people alot more than bikes. Often the quad ends up on top of the rider.

    The industry people rarely admit this, but its pretty well known.

    Don't buy your kids a quad.

    I started my guys/gals on very small bikes with training wheels, they all learned to ride soon enough.
  7. NoQuarter#121

    NoQuarter#121 WMRRA #2 Overall Points Champion


    don't train your kid to be a squid!

    If he keeps down this path he will be hangin at the satrbucks, in a tank top and flip flops.

    (kiddding of course! looks like fun)
  8. Were you able to buy the Oset locally?
  9. OP- Great thread!

    We're waiting for some warmer weather over here, but my boy got one of those Hawg-Ty mini-bikes for Christmas, 5.5hp OHV motor, centrifugal clutch and big 3-wheeler tires, he got to ride it twice so far this year (when mom wasn't home, hehe) But we'll get some vids on his first ride when mom comes along (she's more electronically inclined than me) Good job and hope to see more pics and vids soon!
  10. No I ended up having to order it, would be great if one of the local dealers sold them though. I bought the 12.5" model and two friends bought the 16" models. The nearest dealer is up above Seattle.

    They're great little bikes!

  11. I got my 2 year old daughter a Kiddimoto balance bike for christmas. Its a little big for her right now but come summer time I think It should fit her. They make a James Toseland signiture addition as well. Here is a pic of what her's looks like: [​IMG]
  12. Thanks for this, that is cool sh*t!!!!

    I think my granddaughter needs the Nicky Hayden - Heros one. :mrgreen:

  13. My youngest boy learned to ride on the Skuut...he learned to balance in 1 day and still loves it. Time to upgrade to the Oset! Great way to transition to powered bikes.

    FYI - The Oset website indicates there's a dealer in Ellensburg.

    Thanks for posting up...Xmas may come early!
  14. Yeah I called the dealer in Ellensburg...he doesn't have anything in stock but can order it for you, the dealer up above seattle has them in stock.

    I mentioned it to Heather down at Cycle Supply in Kennewick that they should carry them...would be nice to have a local dealer to send people to.

  15. Very cool!

    I will give points to Skuut though for customer service. I over inflated and ruined the rear tire/tube assy and they shipped another set to me no charge, even free shipping! Then later my son was hauling down a long hill and crashed, it ended up ripping the bars out of the forks. Sent Skuut a email and 2 days later I had a free replacement fork and handle bar assy! Their customer service can't be beat!

  16. shelbyguy

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  17. im starting a school on how to ride to kids.
  18. RedKat600

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    Reported. Thanks for the spam.
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  19. pretty tight dude. i got my nephew a 49cc pocketbike a while ago. he started riding it when he was 4 years old and amazingly has excellent balance. he has only crashed once and that was because it was super muddy and the back wheel slid out haha

    check it out. he is just starting to be able to put his feet down, he used to just have to have someone help him get stop. i took most of the throttle away obviously.

    regular front/rear brake setup, headlight, blinkers, horn, key, and electric start :)
  20. That is awesome. You are doing your son so proud with both of those. The little electric bike takes off like a dragster and he did great! I love how as he first takes off he looks directly at you for a good 20ft instead of where he was going! hehe
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