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FS: Teknic race suit size 50. $75

Discussion in 'Gear, Parts, & Accessories' started by EvilTwin, Jan 2, 2017.

  1. Teknic race suit size 50. $75

    I ditched the crap armor it came with and added CE armor. I used the suit for 3 seasons of track days. It has never been in crash...I wont be on the track anymore and its been in the garage for awhile. Pick up in Beacon Hill or I can meet you in Belltown during the work week.

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  2. I am a US 44 or a Euro 56. Does it run small by any chance?

  3. I doubt it. As a reference point, I'm 6'0 230lbs. You're welcome to try it on if you like.

    Its a Euro size 60
  4. Bummer. I can eat my way up to 230 lbs but i'm 5'8" and I quit growing taller in 1977. GLWS
  5. Man what a deal. I'm 5'10 210 but I think it would still be too big. Maybe I could try and shrink the crap out of it but i doubt it.
  6. If you are nearby, you can try it on. Up to you.
  7. I'll buy 250 an 6ft.should fit
    Call me 2532494000
  8. Is this suit sold ?!
  9. Not sure if it is.if it isnt .i got dibs.i desperately need this suit . I've been trying to cantact evil twins.but no luck yet
  10. I pm'd a month ago. Still no reply.
  11. is it still for sale? i like to pickup . please text me 206-313-1314