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That Ninja 300 is sexy...

Discussion in 'Portland Region' started by Tromatic, Oct 27, 2012.

  1. Looked at one today, comfy too. It's now near the top of my list of best-looking bikes. Some roundness, just enough edge, no Star-Trek rejected prop look at all.
  2. Yeah, I am prolly gunna sell my Ninja 250R for a 300, if the 250R makes enough ponies to ride anywhere in the state, 10 HP more and EFI is a welcome bonus! 8)
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  3. Pictures help....



    HHHmmmm, pretty star trek to me,
  4. The use of black accenting might be adding to a bit of an edgy Star Trek look, and it appears to be the wrong color green?
  5. I don't know, I just googled it.

    It is not to say that the Star Trek look is bad, if it something you like then it all good.
  6. Black...





  7. By "Star-Trek" I mean ass-ugly squared-off lines. The current Z-1000 is ass-ugly, as is most any current sportbike. Ducati has succumbed to this, too. Since when has a triangular can been considered sexy? The 300 Ninja does not suffer from this angular retardation. It has flowing lines, almost as if one dude got to design it, instead of some focus group. It's a pretty bike, especially in white.

    ETA: Yes, I know it has angles and some planes. It is still rounder tham most. It's a mid-90's throwback, almost. Sexy.
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  8. I would definately rock one for commuting. Trying to decide between something like the Ninja 300 or DRZ400SM. I think the sportbike industry is in a major crisis right now with the shxtty economy, it will be interesting to see how things play out in the next few years.
  9. [​IMG]
  10. I would love to pick up a ninja 300 to race on.
  11. Is WMRRA going to create another class? I don't think they will race against the 250's. The 300's would have to run a class up from the 250's, where they would probably be outmatched.
  12. I'd try to sneak it in there to say in the least :evil4:

    Please note, I'm no where near any position to get into racing yet, and won't for at least another 2 years (damn masters program) lol.
  13. im not a huge fan of the "star trek" reference. nothing sqaure about this bike, or mor importantly the show.
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  14. hhhmmmmmm... that is kinda sexahy'

    would be great for ORP.

  15. Yeah, I am planning to join the fun on my 250 next season. I'm already going to have enought trouble with the skinny guys on the 08+ bikes. I don't want a bunch of 300's running around to show me how slow I really am.
  16. FireDave

    FireDave Banned Camp

    Looks like the love-child between and RSV4 and a CBR.
  17. Ah all I can say is that I'm jealous of you! :angry7:
  18. Or maybe, call me crazy, but I think it looks like the new ZX-10, aka dogshit.

  19. I really don't know what Kawasaki's product development and marketing departments are thinking. For the last four years the states have been screaming for efi on the 250. I don't really recall anyone asking for Kawasaki to create another lightweight segment. It is as if they finally got some competition from Honda with the CBR250, and just gave up on that segment instead of keeping with what was their best selling bike for a number of years (I think it was the most sold sportbike in 2008 in the states too). I really think they should have just given us the efi as an option in '08, as they already did all the R&D to put it on the non-US models. Seems like a no-brainer to me.

    Don't get me wrong, I like the idea of smaller displacement bikes. I'd love a cbr250rr, vfr400, fzr400 etc etc, but I don't recall anyone bitching about not having an extra 50cc on the 250. I doubt that extra 7hp is going to keep new riders from holding onto the 300 any longer than the 250. What is perplexing is that they have also leapfrogged the CBR in the price department too. The new 300 is about $300 more than the CBR. It seems to me that they could have easily ditched the slipper clutch (really? On a 38hp bike?), and maybe some of the unneeded crazy bodywork modifications and just gone with a slight style update, EFI, ABS and kept the price closer to the CBR. Unfortunately, all of this really doesn't matter since this thread is in the Portland section, and Kawasaki corperate hates Portland.
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  20. The Ninja 300 is all about Europe, not the USA...

    "Things change. As of 19th January 2013, new European A2 licensing laws will come into force in the UK. These will allow anyone with a restricted licence to ride a bike of up to 39bhp. To take advantage of this, Kawasaki has upped the capacity of the Ninja from 250 to 296cc. Although the Ninja’s bore is still 62mm, the stroke has been increased and various internal components redesigned."
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