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The Dalles / Hood River Riders – Post Up and Introduce Yourself!

Discussion in 'The Dalles' started by R1 Jackal, Dec 8, 2010.

  1. Yo fellow lovers of two wheels!

    R1 Jackal (aka Douglas) here, I’m a recent transplant from the Corvallis area. So, some say there are some good roads around here; I’ll be on the lookout……. :shock:

    My rides are a ’06 R1 & a ’05 TTR230.

    Post up! :popcorn:
  2. Take the mosier exit. Turn right at tenspeed coffee. Take next left at stop sign.. follow the highway, twist throttle and grin! Just watch out for them damn hippie bicycle riders on the weekends when its nice. They don't like being buzzed at 140mph...

  3. Oh yeah, State / 7 Mile road; I found that little gem before the weather set in, big smiles here……. :evil4:
  4. Yeah its a niiiice one.! Glad you've enjoyed it!
  5. Nice to have a place for local gorge riders to post up. Thanks Beanbaxter for setting up the forum and Douglas for the work getting it started. We are blessed with some amazing places to ride. My back yard is the Wind River Hwy on the Washington side of the gorge. :mfclap:

    My bike is a 2008 V-Strom DL650
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  6. Welcome aboard Mr. Knight! :mfclap:
  7. I'm one of those damn hippies; there are a few of us serious cyclists that bike Hood River, The Dalles, Cherry Heights, and 7 Mile, year-round. Then we ride East Side, Cooper Spur, Lost Lake, Lolo Pass, etc., when the snow clears. Of course, when the fair-weather motorcyclists are wobbling around on their POS Harleys, there are also a lot of crappy bicyclists on the road, too.

    When I'm strafing the Gorge on the way to work, or just want to go out and get fatter, here's my moto (Lolo Pass Rd., this Fall):

    If I've got a little more ground to cover, you might see me on this beast (somewhere in NM, on my way up the Continental Divide):
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  8. Cool Pics Sir Mack!
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  9. Welcome aboard Mr. Apple-computer. It’s going to be fun having you in the mix on some rides. Your comments are usually “spot” on! :popcorn: .....and stay off my sister! :scratch:

    ---see you on Monday :coffee:
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  10. Ok, ok...I suppose. Good to see you all here! Thanks for the invite guys - should be a fun summer coming up...can't wait!
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  11. Welcome to the forum Mel! Summer will be here before you know it……..just a few months away. crackup:

    My bike is already talking to me….”get me out of this damn basement!” firedevil:
  12. Yep...I've heard a few whimpers from under the cover out in the garage...and the outdoor thermometer is mocking me daily. Been in the mid 40's every morning. Other than the rain... :roll:
  13. +1

  14. hmm....somehow you gave me credit for a bad link lol. Didn't work like it normally does, but I saw that you found your way there anyway lol.

  15. Thought I'd say hi. I'm James, I'm in Hood River, and my
    regular ride is this Buell XB12STT...



    Hope to hook up with some other riders here in the Gorge!
    ...always good to have plenty of riding buddies.
  16. Welcome James! :mfclap: Nice looking ride there :shock: noticed the drive belt (belt, right?) is on the right side. That’s a little different. What kind of millage do you get out of them?
  17. Thanks and thanks! Believe it or not, "lifetime warranty" honored by HD on the drive belt.
  18. Hi, I live in Zillah WA but spend half of my time at my The Dalles place. I live on Scenic and Lincoln. I ride a red 1200GS and a red Buell XB12XT. I believe I know James after reading his post. I had an XB12R at the time and met him at Holsteins last year. I took the Buell to Mexico last May and hope to take the BMW to Alaska this year. I'm looking forward to the next coffee meet. Dark Knight PM'ed me to tell me about the TD section.
  19. Welcome GS1200! :mfclap: If you get a chance, stop by for some Saturday Morning coffee in The Dalles at the Petite Provence or Doppio Coffee in Hood River. James usually hits Doppio, but I haven’t hear from him in a while ~ you know, the whole “winter” season –n- all. I’m usually at The Dalles for coffee.