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The Dalles / Hood River Riders – Post Up and Introduce Yourself!

Discussion in 'The Dalles' started by R1 Jackal, Dec 8, 2010.

  1. Mrs. Jackal use to ride. :301 Jackal's just got to work more overtime to make it happen. Help with the priorities. :eek:hhthedr:
  2. No kidding! I think she is just waiting for me to just buy it and take all the blame ~ so she can have deniability. :stir:

  3. Hello all,
    I'm a newish rider. I live in TD and work in HR. I've been taking some fun rides out Pleasant Ridge and Upper 5 Mile recently. I upgraded from a cruiser to a V-Strom based on some great recommendations from this site, and I love this adventure touring thing around here.

    I'm excited to see there's a dedicated TD section of this forum.
  4. Welcome aboard Gabej! :mfclap:

    Another V-Strom rider, or as I call them “storm Troopers” ~ yeah! You might want to look up Batman…, I mean Dark Knight, a fellow V-Strom rider. :secret:

    This section of the forum is steadily grow – all good stuff. Stop by Saturday Morning Coffee sometime and meet some fellow riders. :popcorn:
  5. I second that! Come to SMC and meet some local folks. Good food, good BS, and usually a ride after! Jackal needs to show this weekend & tell us about his track-day!
  6. Hey all,

    I just found this forum and I cant wait to meet up with some local riders. I am still pretty new to the whole street bike scene but I have been riding mx for about 5 years. Currently I ride an 08 WR250X but I have hopes of adding another horse to the stable in the next few years. I am excited to meet you all and do some riding, heck maybe I can even learn how to scrape some pegs. I wish that I would have found this forum sooner, I rode up to Glenwood and then down the Klickitat and it would have been a lot better with some friends. See you all out there..... here is a pic of my WR (it wants to be a Ducati). :)
  7. wow i cant believe how many people we have from this area now. a few years ago when i joined these forums. i was the only one from the dalles! cool too see now we even have our own section!
  8. Welcome to both of you! Feel free to come and meet the gang Saturday mornings at Petite Province around 9 for coffee and usually a ride, or Thursdays for Bike Night (still trying to settle on a spot for that one...just watch the thread for details).

    Post up a ride if ya want...
  9. Oh, and SoupSandwich, that bike is way too clean! go get it dirty or something........:stir:
  10. If that's not the stir pot calling the kettle black....I'll paint my bike pink. LMFAO
  11. Just found this forum. Just came back to moto-riding after about 6yrs as one of them Hippy pedal bike guys.

    I just dug my tricked-out Honda Hawk twin out of our hay shed and put it back in shape. I went car racing for a bunch of years and the Hawk sat, unused after a lot of mods and a new motor...It was my track bike, though my SO thought it was hers. I have it listed for sale now on this site...


    I just sold my 'extra' DRZ 400 and somehow, I ended up with a VFR Interceptor...2000 model. I always have loved the sound of the V-4 motors. My first 'sport-tourer' after lots of other sportbikes..A lot more comfortable than my Honda Hawk...

    Here's 'my' Hawk and the VFR on the Klickitat/Appleton road. Much easier to ride on a moto than on a pedal bike..I live just off Canyon I have this cool loop right out the driveway.


    I know Dave (the other pedal bike guy who's chimed in) also a former Hawk owner..I'll be meeting up with you all sometime..maybe a coffee morning when I take a day off the pedal bike...which I still do, too...
    Don Hanson
  12. Welcome to the Group!

    We have some really enthusiastic locals, and all the good roads of course!

    If this craptastic weather would just clear up, we could actually do some riding.
  13. Welcome to our lil corner :)
  14. Hey, I'm new to the site. I live in parkdale. I didn't realize there was such a following in the gorge
  15. Welcome!! :mfclap:

    Would be great to see some of the new folks and put faces to names...come on out for SMC sometime!
  16. Welcome Silver600rr! :mfclap:

    I'll be at SMC this weekend, so stop on by if you get a chance.
  17. Anyone else look outside and see how nice it is and think be sweet to go ride, then look at the thermometer and see its 27 and change your mind? Haha
  18. Daily. I can't beloved how sunny it's been all month...definitely not going to complain weather-wise compared to what we usually have.
  19. This weather is such a tease!

    I just modded the hell out of my mufflers, and can't wait to take the bike out! I just went out to the shop to start her up, and get my fix!!!

    I will not make SMC. Gotta work.