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The Dalles / Hood River Riders – Post Up and Introduce Yourself!

Discussion in 'The Dalles' started by R1 Jackal, Dec 8, 2010.

  1. It's rediculous, gravel on the road doesn't help either. Can't wait for spring
  2. Come on now guys....when would we ever have a chance to upgrade em if it were nice all the time??? Lol

  3. Hey guys, I can't have silver making me look all antisocial (I can do that on my own). I just joined a couple days ago. While I miss riding my strom badly, especially its MPG compared to my rig, I get my fix skiing. Anyone else ski meadows? I'm silver's neighbor, and as soon as its reasonably safe riding I will bundle up and make it to a SMC.
  4. I'd love to take my snowboard up to Meadows, just too damn much $$$.

    What's lift ticket up to these days?

    That, and my truck gets about 8-mpg.
  5. I always get a pass so I'm not positive. I think in the $60 range these days. Night skiing is a lot cheaper.
  6. Shhh...don't tell anyone...but, it's ok to drive in to these any time....but especially in the winter. In this area it's just simply too dang cold during the winter for riding.
  7. Good to know. But I would feel like a complete idiot: "yeah I met these cool folks that all ride. Yeah, from a motorcycle forum. No, I drove my Toyota because it was cold. But really us Vstrom types are all super adventurous".
  8. By the way, hey silver I just noticed that sweet looking bike in your avatar. To the right of that ugly ticket magnet looking one....
  9. Mic

    Mic Retired

    glad to see this section of the forum growing!
  10. Don't hate cuz you can't fit on it
  11. And just when are you gonna come outta hiding Mr. Mic???
  12. Mic

    Mic Retired

    who knows...

    I may be moving back down that way in a few months. Not certain on that yet, but we will see.

    I have to make it down in a few weeks and start getting the little XT back together. Doing a top end rebuild on it, as well as a full gasket refresh.
  13. So ive been on the forum a long time just have never posted. Bought my '11 Versys at the end of January...

    I now have ~2200 miles on the bike, and planning a ~1300 mile trip at the end of April beginning of May.

    This was my commute home one morning. Was fine at my work then go up the hill to the house and it turned to this white slippery stuff.
  14. Welcome!! I actually saw your Versys the other day in that parking lot across from A&J market. It is a great looking bike. I live and work in Stevenson..... if you ever need a riding buddy just send me a pm.

  15. I was just referred to this forum by a buddy. We've been looking for a good community to talk with and BS. I just picked up this bike this winter after selling my old 88 Hurricane. There are pictures of both woot! so excited for this season and its finally here!
  16. Hey guys, just joined. I was looking for a good forum and it looks like i found one. I can't wait to play the tagging game. Gonna try and get the current one tomorrow. Edit: I'm the buddy twoferjuan is referring to.
  17. Welcome Bearfoot990 & Twoferjuan :mfclap:

    Looking forward to meeting you at SMC (Saturday morning coffee) & Thurday night bike night (1st Thursday of the month). :ninja:
  18. Welcome to the forum and I hope to meet you both at SMC... see ya out on the road.

  19. New member here, just poppin in to say "hi" before I head out for my a.m. ride...hope y'all are having a great weekend - nice that the wind finally let up for a couple days!

    See ya out n' about....:wave:


    p.s. - this is what I ride:


  20. Oh no! It's another Triumph rider!!!! What's going on here???

    That's a very cool bike!

    Welcome :)