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The Dalles / Hood River Riders – Post Up and Introduce Yourself!

Discussion in 'The Dalles' started by R1 Jackal, Dec 8, 2010.

  1. Nada Gain,

    Hey!! I saw that Tiger the other day.... and there was some hippie riding it. crackup: I am glad you finally took the plunge and signed up for the forum. :thumbup:

    How was the Tenacious D concert on saturday? You will have to come down to SMC and meet some of the crew.

    Anywho, welcome!
  2. Hey Dan, I was mistaken - the Tenacious D concert is this Sat.... Maybe I'll be able to make the following weeks SMC....see ya 'round!

  3. Yo, B!!
    so you SAY you ride a Tiger, but I haven't seen it yet.....
    Does the CX still get any love?
  4. Hey there AJ, yes I do ride the tiger, just got scared when I saw the pictures of your knee.....gulp......
  5. The saturday morning coffee still happening?
  6. Yep
  7. The knee is fine, El Guapo Nada :mrgreen:

    Just a lot of muscle and meat, nothing really important at all, fortunately.
    99% healed; just a tiny bit of numbness from severed nerves,
    ...but...absolutely no pain :mfclap: even in these cold-ass December temps.

    Seems it's been a while since either of us has checked in here, I hope all is well with you and yours 8)
  8. Wow, I haven’t been here for awhile! :shock:

    It’s January and I already forgot what my bike looks like! Bad, bad, bad…. :angry7:

    Welcome to all the newcomers! Gorge bike night & Saturday morning coffee (SMC) are still going strong. Most of us are patiently waiting for warmer weather, making plans for future rides and track days.
  9. Bike Nite and SMC are good opportunities to meet some good-looking biker dudes.....all we need now is some single biker ladies to join in on all the fun.
  10. :jerkit:
  11. that would be our last lady biker :nana

    She ran away........or was voted off the island. Whatever you want to believe :secret: She did have a purty-purty bike :shock:
  12. Hello everyone, thought i would say hi. I met Quixote a month or so ago, he and I are neighbors. I finally got my act together and bought a helmet and got insurance, I'm coming from Montana where you don't need such things. I ride a 04 1200 Sportster and I am looking forward to hopefully riding with some of you.

  13. Welcome Casey :mfclap:

    Stop by SMC when you get a chance and meet some of the locals.
  14. Hello fellow The Dalles area riders.
  15. Welcome BOBBOld :mfclap: You waiting around for the good weather too?
  16. Well I ride every day to work and back as long as there is no Ice or snow . I would love some better weather for some fun rides.
  17. Me too.

    If you get a chance, stop by for tomorrow's SMC & meet a few fellow riders.