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The Dirtyface 2013

Discussion in 'Wenatchee' started by smaas, Jun 12, 2013.

  1. I will be there. Who else is going. You pavment pounders should get some knobby tires and come try it out. Its a good time.
  2. Date? Type of ride? I'm looking for a summer motomotivator

  3. This sat: out
    Street legal: out

    That's a double out for me :(
  4. I wanted to do this, but too many other things going on this weekend. I'll be there next year!
  5. I wish I had known about this sooner. I have a cabin (Really a house) at the southern base of Dirty Face mountain and I have been dying to get my DR650 up there. Is this a annual event? It looks like it.
  6. Yes it is every year on the Saturday of fathers day weekend. Nice to see there is another DR650 owner on here.!
  7. Dont worry shaun, its just like the rimrock gp on white pass every first of oct. for 31 years, this sight is full of want to be dirt riders:angry7:
  8. Dave... its Shane. Shawn is my older brother ! Confusing I know. Do you ever hook up with wenatchee power sports for track days. Sounds like they will let you run there KTM rocket on a track if you sign up and pay your fees.

    I am to fat to ride a rocket ! (Sad face)
  9. I believe that track day is this weekend at The Ridge. I was just coming home tonight from Leavenworth and I saw a few RC8's and Super Dukes at the gas station in Dryden. Looked like fairly new leather coats.... maybe they are taking them out for a short jaunt before loading them up for the track day?

    I just heard about Dirty Face 2013 yesterday.
  10. Sorry Shane, no I think they just talk alot about trackdays, you cant run a bike at speed when it isnt yours, I would ride it but be sorry if I through it away, they dont understand the way a trackday works
  11. Yea , I don't understand anything about track day other then there is a track involved ? The good news is Dirty face was a good time. Lots of people and some cool new places that we rode. Maybe one day I will get a sumo set up for the DR and find out what track day is all about and maybe see what your CBR is made of !

    ( yea..... I am mostly all talk and no go )

    Dave, you should post up some video of your track days. This sight needs more video !
  12. I do make video I just dont know how to post them, I graduated from cashmere to:rant
  13. ^^^^^^^^^ Some one help Dave figure it out.

    I will be of no help to you !