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The Dragon Bike Night Tuesdays!

Discussion in 'Tacoma-Puyallup' started by BCspur, Sep 25, 2012.

  1. The first one will be on OCT 2nd, Tuesday:

    I'm going to do a trial run here for Bike Nights the first (of hopefully many)
    will be at:
    AAA China Buffett
    10310 S Tacoma Way
    Lakewood, WA 98499

    Starts at 7pm.

    I'm going to keep the place the same and the same time every Tuesday night. There isn't an age limit to this place, so it's open to all. You can drive, walk, ride, crawl, or just take the bus there, whatever way you decide to get there. Just come by!

    IF there is not enough interest, I'll just have to cancel it. I will post the morning of, if there isn't enough to warrant a bike night that night.
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  2. Most important question: Do they have beer?

  3. Im out... not a fan of that place
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  4. How can you not like bacon wrapped shrimp? :shock:
  5. How about AAA buffet at the end of 512?
  6. Never been there, but I'm always up to trying a new place!
  7. AAA is a much better place...
  8. Does that mean you're in if I change it to AAA?
  9. Not totally but i would be a strong maybe
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  10. Anyone else that would rather go to AAA than Dagron buffet?
  11. Maybe I'll go. Depends if i feel energetic after work
  12. all buffets sound good to me!
  13. crackup:
  14. Pretty sure they do.
  15. Sounds good, should be able to make it.
  16. I have updated the original post to the new place, AAA China Buffet. This has been updated from Dragon Buffet (apparently not that popular in the Sportbike world) So we will see you at AAA China Buffet :mrgreen:
  17. might want to get a mod to change the original forum name also
  18. I like the name, so it shall be called Dragon bike night and those that come will know the story behind the name. And it was a group decision to move it :)
  19. S Saturday bike Night would be nice. (Bcspur)
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