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The New Old V65 Sabre/VF1100

Discussion in 'Medford Region' started by Ordrock, Dec 24, 2013.

  1. Put the V65 back together today. Had to take the carbs off one more time. The starter/Choke circuit just wasn't working for shit. I watched a video on YouTube where a guy used a set of Snap-On Micro drill bits. A set of Blue Point bits.

    I pulled the carbs and ran them through the starter valve. they were completely blocked, duh. I ran the smallest diameter drill bit first. Ran it completely through, then the next size up.

    Put the carbs back on, put the choke fully on and whamo, (if your over 50 you know Whamo), fired up on the first push of the starter button.
    Now I'll need to sync them.

    Installed the fairing and lights and signals and all the plastic. The son took it for a spin around the block. He bitched because the basically flat didn't hold his ass to the seat when he got a hand full of V-Tec 121 horses. Sissy.

    These old bikes are frickin bitchin, totally a farout ride..

    Can't wait until the 1St of January, taking the son for my annual News Year ride out to Seven Feathers and back.

    Semper FI and
    Merry Christmas, Happy New Year.

  2. I was taught that you don't drill out jets. they are far too precise and doing so can cause scratches inside that will distort the fuel flow.

    I just stick to a bathe in carb cleaner.

    Merry Christmas!

  3. They weren't drilled in the traditional sense. The bit is attached to a finger wand and you just twist it with your fingers. The bit that I used is smaller then the hole in the jet.

    It cleaned the gunk out of the jet and it started on the first try. I had to dump gas right into the intake to get it to just cough. Now it just starts right up like it was new.

    Not drilled, just cleaned out the shit that plugged the damn thing up. I love this bike, second to the FJR.

  4. I have the 86 magna and what a ride it is! I'll mention that there a two things that I did to mine that made a world of difference. First is I bought some top of the line Avon radial tires. Bought the biggest one possible for the back and it only installs with the tire flat. It corners like the sportsbikes now. I first only did the back tire, and it was unbelieveable, there was such a difference that I rode for another six months before doing the front. I never thought changing the front could possibly give me more. It did and wow. Next I took the front fork brass and added another stainless steel brace I purchased on ebay underneath the original brace. You can't even tell it's there and the same bolts were long enough to go through the new and old brace. Wow for the stability at high speed cornering and control. But the avons are not rated at the lbs they are suppose to be rated. I talked with the tech guys at Avon several times before I pulled the plug, and of course they couldn't recommend them and even tried to discourage me. Didn't work and I couldn't be happier and yes I take passengers occasionally, and yes I ride it like I stole it! And they are a top of the line tire. I was out on it last night came home at 2am at 19 degrees at 75 and 80. It would have been nice to have a windshield. I had ordered one from ebay and it wasn't as described and so with a lot of hassels I sent it back. You have a great ride and the sister to the magna, one of my friends has one and loves it. I also put a really nice seat on mine that gives the passenger her own seat. The only thing is it doesn't allow me to slide back in the seat, I even tried sitting on the back seat which sits high. I felt like the big tall guy on one of the ealier james bond that drove the convertable and sat in the back seat so he could spread out. It worked fine, but a strange feeling. I'd do it again on long trips just for a different riding position switching off and on. I had the same carb problem with mine when I bought it. I used sea foam and a lighter fluid mixture and just let it sit out in the back idling in the cold weather. It took about 3 full days of idling before it cleaned out. It had sat around for 2 years in this guys garage and another year in mine before I got at it. Enjoy your ride it's a torquey power house and I love the power band.
  5. Back in the late 80's my brother came out to Yuma AZ while I was stationed out there. We jumped on the sabre to run to town for something. While pulling up to a stop light there were a couple of Harley's. The light turned Green and I hauled ass from the light, my brother slid back to the rack on the back we wheelied for about 100 yards.

    The light ahead turned red and the Harley's caught up. One rider says, " nice wheelie", I didn't tell him that wasn't what I was going for, and it scared the shit out of me.

    My brother threw a couple of body shots, and yelled at me.

    I was pretty frickin fun.

    I rode that bike for 10 miles one time with the throttle wide ass open. Top speed was about 162MPH. 10 miles passes pretty quickly at 162MPH. I passed a compact car with three little old ladies, along that rode it like I stole it 10 miles.

    After the crazy fast ride I pulled over and pulled my drawers out of my crack and drank some water. The little old ladies came up and stopped. They asked me about my health, wanted to know if I was ok, I think they were wondering if I was crazy, maybe a little.

    I sold that bike to pay a lawyer for some miss deeds. I cried, and regretted both the miss deeds and selling my baby. that was back in 1993. 30 years later a found a great deal, pissed off my honey and bought another. yippee for me.

  6. I bought a V65 Magna right off the showroom floor in LA. Road it home to Roseburg. What a bike, one of the best I've owned. Not that I ever did it but I'm sure it would stand straight up in the length of the bike at 60mph. Lost it in an accident that broke me of motorcycling for nearly 20 years.
  7. There are always postings on Craigslist for these bikes. Some try to sell them with the passion they have for the bike. The price reflects it. But once you get it home and you discover the previous owner neglected stuff, then the real cash price rears it's ugly head.

    Yeah parts for them are still available at premium prices, OEM parts. But there is a guy in Salem that only does internet sales that has a shit load of parts to keep these bike on the road for many more years.

    Too bad about the accident, and the time away from biking. I had a similar time away from them too. But not an accident just the cost of raising a family and stinking democrats in office. I was in the military and government work, the man really hates hard working Marines and civil servants.

    Good luck with your rebirth in the motorized two wheeled world and stay safe. Never give up an inch of road to any asshole in a cage.

  8. Shenanigans says I! There be no picts of said machines! So as far as I'm concerned your all riding 1970's Huffy's with playing cards, clothes pinned to the spokes for that V4 purrrrr! :stir:
  9. I had a heck of a time starting my v65 Magna a few days ago at 19 degrees. Took about a minute of some strange trying to start and almost starting and dying. Would have been nice to have a windshield once it got moving. But still loved the experience.
    I love the bike cold or warm, let it rip baby.
  10. You know I've been on this forum for years, and I never had any luck posting pictures.
    I'll try it again.