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The Original PDX Photo Tag 2012

Discussion in 'Portland Region' started by lena, Jan 1, 2012.

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  1. Last year I said I was proud that this game, originally started in Portland, has spread all over the forum. And there are even more photo tag threads this year! Check this out: (Central) (Eastside) (Roseburg) (WA westside)

    Anyway, pretty unbelievable to have the same tag posted twice exactly at the same time. It doesn't get closer than that but since Ums somehow posted first, his tag is the next one:

    Next. Stairway connects two NW streets.



    The Rules per Ian (the originator):

    • To start, post a photo and a clue; your bike must be in it.
    • Individually (or as a group), other participants ride to the same place and get a photo with THEIR bike at the same spot.
    • The first person to "tag" the photo by posting it in this thread then posts the next photo tag for people to find. He/she is "it". There can only be one "it" at a time. Name the tagged location for others.
    • The boundaries will be the Columbia River to the North, the Cascades to the East, Salem to the South, and the Pacific to the West, or click here for the approximate visual:
    • If no one is able to identify the tag, the poster can give progressively easier clues until someone finally finds it. The idea isn't to stump people, but to get people down interesting roads, so folks should be able to figure it out somehow. If nobody can figure it out in a week then poster needs to tell folks where the site is, and the first person to post the photo can do the next tag.

    We post a new thread every year, otherwise it gets too long. If I missed any revisions, post up. Game on!
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  2. :shock::rant

  3. Thanks, Lena for starting the new thread. I think there was some debate last year and the south boundary was clarified as Hwy 22 and east was (roughly) a line from Detroit to Hood River via Timothy Lake, but I can't remember if that was resolved. Oh well, game on, gotta locate those stairs!
  4. Old tag: NW Baker Ave off of NW Lovejoy.


    New tag: The view is long from this viewpoint.

  5. post deleted...
  6. If someone is willing to dig up that post and quote it here, I will update the rules. I remember something about the east boundary but can't remember the details.

    Is that what it says? Well, you can blame it on Ian. Shall I grammatically correct all of his writing? I can, just say a word. :evil4:

  7. WORD. :mrgreen:
  8. Done. Please proofread. :mrgreen:
  9. :thumblef:
  10. Something like this??

  11. that looks like what I understood the boundries to be more or less.
  12. as per pnw photo tag guidance .. more like ritual we shall first discuss the boundrys ... just in case someone has never played..or the tectonic plates shifted :))))))
  13. I am staying out of this one. You guys decide and lemme know. :roll:
  14. I vote we place this boundary map in post #1. and, NO, Mr. Troll, don't ask for a detailed explanation of the Northern or western border.
  15. +1
  16. Can't call two votes the power of majority but looks good to me. Done! Vetoes will be taken for consideration by the majority for a week. ;)
  17. works for me thats three lol
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