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The original Portland Photo Tag 2015

Discussion in 'Portland Region' started by lena, Jan 1, 2015.

  1. This photo tag game, originally started in Portland several years ago, has spread all over the forum (damn, you weird Portland, you're so cool, everyone wants a piece!). Here is a fresh start for 2015.

    Most current photo tag, just one-day old, posted by SerTorm:


    The Rules per Ian (the originator):

    • To start, post a photo and a clue; your bike must be in it.
    • Individually (or as a group), other participants ride to the same place and get a photo with THEIR bike at the same spot.
    • The first person to "tag" the photo by posting it in this thread then posts the next photo tag for people to find. He/she is "it". There can only be one "it" at a time. Name the tagged location for others. You have 24 hrs to post your tag.
    • The boundaries are the Columbia River to the North, the Cascades to the East, Salem to the South, and the Pacific to the West, or click here for the approximate visual.
    • If no one is able to identify the tag, the poster can give progressively easier clues until someone finally finds it. The idea isn't to stump people, but to get people down interesting roads, so folks should be able to figure it out somehow. If nobody can figure it out in a week then poster needs to tell folks where the site is, and the first person to post the photo can do the next tag.
    • The next photo tag doesn't have to be taken after the last one, the point is to get the game rolling.

    We post a new thread every year, otherwise it gets too long. If I missed any revisions, post up. Game on!
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  2. [​IMG]
    Oregon City downtown.

    Did I say, Portland, you're so cool?
    Forest for the trees.

  3. [​IMG]
    22nd and NE Alberta

    New tag:
    Hint: Between a hospital and a park.
  4. Shall we let others play too? :mrgreen:
    I had to get it, it was on my way to work.

    You are going to have to trust me that the Freemont bridge is there. It was super foggy this morning.
    Kaiser Permanente on Interstate Ave.


    I am not going to give a hint. It was too easy last time.
  5. Sorry about the picture quality here, the sun was at a bad angle. This is at 4703 N. Albina:

    Here's the new tag, back to the bridge theme:
  6. I seem to be plagued by disappearing bridges so again, the new Tillicum Bridge is there somewhere, this is by the Collaborative Life Sciences Building at South Waterfront:

    And here is a new tag:
  7. Any clues? Google search for murals in Portland didn't give me any.
  8. 1301 SE Grand Ave. Parking lot was full, and the skater kids didn't want to get out of the way, although I did get a "nice bike" from em.


    Sticking wit the same theme.... This one should be relatively easy...

  9. Alder and 11th


    New Tag. Not to far from last

  10. Tag
    New tag
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  11. So, that requires explanation. When my ohub loaded the tag above mine, it did not show the second picture, my bad, please disregard.

    Edit: Or was the second picture edited into the post after my tag? I don't mean to be pedantic, but what's the ruling on something like that..?
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  12. It looks like fz6rider's tag was first.
  13. It "looks" that way, but I don't think there was a new tag posted before I posted my attempt, and with all respect, if Fz6rider hadn't set a new target before I posted mine, then I was answering the current tag. In short, I don't think you're supposed to hold a spot open by tagging a place then getting around to it, even if you get right on it.
  14. Actually neither of the tags were taken at the right mask sculpture thingy.... :devil::devil::devil::devil:
  15. SorTorn, I posted my tag from original location and added second picture with in short time. Rule in the past was 24hrs to post new tag.
    Thanks for playing the game but its not too late to get my tag if you so much want to be last.
    Happy riding vtr2:
  16. Matt, you'r right now that I look closer LOL
  17. Tag:

    New Tag: Had to hurry, it was getting dark.

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  18. One of the best "tag wars" ever! Well played, Matt!

    As Matt pointed out, his photo tag hasn't been tagged correctly (by two people, wow!) so it still stands as the most current one. Sorry, Lee, Paul and SerTorm!

    Also, Paul is correct - there is no such rule that you have to post your tag exactly at the same time you post the tagged photo. The point of the game is to ride after all - and it takes a bit of time to ride, right? And typically yes, it has been 24 hours that we have allowed. I should probably add it to the rules, for clarification. I am glad that after all this is not an issue because it really should be spelled out.