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The other story

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by Beerbohm, Jun 14, 2005.

  1. All names have been changed to protect the inocent. (only the one that I don't remember).

    Now what would cause Chels to run??


    Its a little on the cool side as I wake up this morning around 8am. I throw on some long jons a pair of pants a long sleeve shirt and a sweat shirt. Walk to my bike and give her a smack on the butt and ask her if its gonna be a good day. With a roar of the engine I know its a yes. I stop by Mcdonalds and get a mcgriddle (if you have never tried one they are great). So I eat my McD's and head to the depot. I show up first (as always) and decided to give Chels a call again and I notice a text message from her and it states will you wait till 1015 for me. I call her back and say yes (maybe just maybe we should have left with out her).

    So the rest of the group shows up.

    There is a guy from some place that was just visiting for the weekend we shall call him the Dundee. He had a really cool remote that poped his back seat.
    Then there was a guy that just moved from portland or a near by town named beerbohmdoesnotgiveashit. Pretty sure his name was Justin.
    Then there was a guy who lives in spokane named Greg he might have 2 g's in his name but then again it reminds me of a town nearby portland.
    And then Chels shows up It all seems ok.....for now.

    So we head to CDL via highway then stop at a rest stop so that somebody can put on another pair of gloves (the only girl so we stop)
    Get back on the highway and do some high speed corners 110+ till we saw the 5.0. Slowed em down then did the back side of CDL lake. Justin (Red ZX 6) and I take the lead and hit the twisties. Pretty decent road I have never been on it. We cruize for iduno maybe 30 minutes and pull over to wait for the rest of the group. We wait. Then we wait some more. Then we get on our bikes and go to look for them. Apperently I need some gas Dundee had to pull over and get some. Justin and I turn and catch up and we stop and eat. Poor waiter ladie did not know what to think of one of the people in the group (you figure it out). We finish eating and head out.
    We go back the way we came from, hit the twisties and stop on the bridge to wait for the rest of the group. They all show up.
    I don't know if she is stroking my pipe warming her hands or humping it either way I am ok with it. A few of us had go pee pee before we left. Wow what a deep lake I tell the guy next to me.
    So from there Chels takes the lead cause she "know were to go" we get back on the highway and go to downtown cdl. I get lost from there.
    As chels is counting cows she looks down and i believe she does not know what to do when she sees this sign painted on the road.
    at least she slowed down from 100 and starts looking around for advice on what this sign means. As I go buy on her left she looks at me with awe I knew that look from some were, o ya thats the same look fighterama gave me. O SHIT something is going to happen. My butt puckers I give it some gas to get away I look in my mirror to see the carnage it was like hell breaking loose it was all happing in slow motion the grinding of plastic on plastic the shreek of tires on pavement the snaping of parts and then the loud bang when the bike hits the ground.
    I do a quick u-turn throw my kick stand down run over with camera in hand
    And I could tell from the look on Gregs face it was bad.
    He yells and screams langage that not even I have heard nor would I ever say. I relize then why chels is running. He is a bad bad man. They run and run. Then Justin gets on his bike and leaves (he needed to get gas). The whole time profanity is coming from his mouth even the drunk truck driver turns his face in discust. Chels does out run him do to the fact he was wearing leather and it got wet then the sun came out and impeached on his range of movement. And her boobs gave her the added momentum she needed.
    So he comes back to his bike and starts to work on it and attempt to make it ridable again.
    I keep telling him I don't think you can repair it he looked at me and said I know what I am doing. Chels stayed 10 feet away knowing if she lets her gaurd down the bad bad man will get her.
    As he tinkers on the bike to my amazment he gets the bike back to almost new again I was simply amazed.

    Apperently Greg new what he was doing not only with the bike but with chels as well. She keep getting closer and closer marvilling at gregs work and then it happend. He snached her up by the neck eye balls bulging tounge hanging out well I guess it looked like this.
    We were all attempting to free chels from the grip he had on her neck but it was no use his anger and increadable strength could not be tamed he shucked us all off to the ground. With his other hand he graped a hold of her bike and threw them both across the road with so much force.
    Greg yells this will be the last time you will ever ever do this to any one again. We all believed him and ran away.

    O Ya we can't forget about the short man on a tall bike!!!

    now that is funny as hell!!!!
  2. Perferd

    Perferd Grade A Champion

    Cool pics thanks and a funny ass write up hahahahaha

  3. jabstar17

    jabstar17 Le Bitch

    Hey you'll have to get the Short man on a tall bike when its a little brighter out! So the pics turn out better!
  4. Some one should duct tape some 2x4 blocks to the buttom of his shoes.
  5. jabstar17

    jabstar17 Le Bitch

    So has anybody looked at Max Biage and 80% of the rest of the Moto-Gp riders, oh ya look at a majority of the AMA guys, Maguel Duhamel...
    They are all fairly short as well! It is kinda like horse jockeys! The smaller and lighter you are, the faster you go! Come on now!

    But ya, keep the great words of wisdom coming for the little man!
  6. jezterr

    jezterr Retired Admin