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Thinking about surprising my GF with a dirt bike!

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by paradox206, Aug 25, 2015.

  1. Hi All!

    As the title says, I'm thinking about surprising my GF with a dirt bike (and one for me as well...but I ruined that surprise). It's not a complete surprise as we've discussed getting them before, but I've been talking about getting another bike for myself lately than getting a couple dirt bikes. She swears she'll never ride on the road again (got thrown off the back of her dads bike twice as a kid....drunken asshole...), but she's totally open to the dirt.

    Anyways, I read thought this entire thread and while it helped some, it still confused the hell out of me:

    What I gleaned from it was, I'd like to get a 4-stroke electric start to make it as easy as possible for us. Where would we be riding? Probably just fire roads to start off with and then shrink in width from there. We'll be trailering the bikes to where we want to ride, so tarmac doesn't need to come into the equation. I don't know how much hauling ass she's going to want to do. I think she's more into it for the nature and to go back to her 3/4 wheeler roots (Alaska girl).

    I also gleaned this info section from the post as it seemed quite useful:

    How tall are you: 5'5" and 6'3"
    How much do you weigh?: HWP? (not gonna post that on the web, even if she doesn't come here!!.. lol ) and 240-250
    How long have you ridden street?: none and 3 years
    Whats your riding style?: I've had both supermotos and supersports. Been to the track twice.
    Have you crashed on the street?: yes (on my DRZ)

    Whats your budget?
    Bikes - $5Kish
    Gear - Whatever it takes to make sure she's safe and comfortable. As for me, if we start this winter, I'd probably just wear my stitch and get a dualsport helmet/goggles. I already have SIDI adventure Goretex boots.

    I'm also thinking about taking her to one of the dirt bike schools to get some additional training before we go off on our own. I checked out the MSF website and saw some providers around the state. Any endorsements of their quality would be much appreciated!
  2. My first dirtbike was a 2000 XR200. 5'4" and I loved it to death. If you get the models within a certain range of years they are shorter than the other years and much more comfortable to ride while feeling in control.

  3. You should get a bike that is short enough she can easily put her feet down and light enough that she is not fighting it. If she decides she wants to 'go fast' you can switch up later. Get something 100 to 250 but NOT TALL and get some time in on fire roads or easy single track. Some people REALLY don't like two strokes so make sure she is Ok with that before purchasing one.
    Keep in mind that strictly 'off road' (ORV sticker) bikes are not allowed on a LOT of public lands. That may alter your searching. There are a number of smaller street legal 'enduro' type bikes out there for pretty cheap.
    I know you stated 'four stroke' but the two strokes are lighter with a bit more power for the same engine size. Finding an 'electric start' would be a problem though.
  4. PeteN95

    PeteN95 Moderator Staff Member

    XR200 is a great starter bike for smaller humans, also CRF150F, DR200, RT180! And for yourself, maybe another DRZ, but a dual sport? Xr400 would be good too, or KDX200/220.
  5. Thanks for the suggestions, y'all! After some further contemplation, I approached her with the class idea again and she definitely want's to get signed up for a beginner class before I go out and buy us bikes (so, I guess it was good idea to bring up the class idea again before surprising her with a bike).

    Now I just need to find a good place where we can both get trained up!
  6. AJP PR4 is hands down the best bike for any smaller beginner and can be ridden far after she learns and is doing well. Check them out. I have both a PR4 and PR5 and both are excellent. Franks Motorbikes in Seattle area has them.

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  7. also very EZ to plate these bikes in WA.
  8. I did a PSSOR class at last year, and it worked well to rent a bike from them. It adds about $50 per day to the cost of the class. The class I did was Off-road 101. If I had it to do over again, I would do the 2-day class. Most of the students were enrolled in the 2-day and were camping overnight at the ORV park. Seemed like it would be fun and good practice.

    And here is the thread with my mini-review of the course (aka threadjack):
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  9. This is perfect!! I can take her out for the learn to ride course and if she enjoys herself, then we can go out for the 101 course. I hope she digs would be fun to share this whole moto thing with her. If not, 4-wheeler it is!
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