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Three lonely cities...

Discussion in 'Central' started by beansbaxter, May 6, 2005.

  1. With the increase of registered members residing in the TriCities, I figured there would be some more activity in here. If ya'll would plan some rides, I'd even roll down there for a few of them.

    Plus I'll be passing through a few times on my way back and forth to California to go kick it with Arnold.
  2. Ill be back in the cities for the summer so lets get some locals going. I know there are riders ive seen the bikes

  3. Hey does anyone have any info for me on lower monumental road, looping around and hitting lyons ferry as a loop? Ive done central and lyons ferry loops, thats fun, but I am wondering how the lower monumental road is nowadays. Havent been out there since porky closed the juniper dunes to offroaders, so any info would ROCK!

  4. I am not sure how the road is. its been a while sence i have been on it. If i hear anything i will let you know
  5. Thanks mike, and my apologies for you having to know john....

  6. I hate you E....and you missed a good bbq this weekend...about 30 people came. Tom came...where were you Mike????
  7. Jerk

    Yea woulda loved to have kicked it with the fams and the dry shitties posse, but not only is the girl's friend leaving for australia and africa, but another is about to have a baby, and the other two got engaged. Have to keep momma happy, I gotta good gig here.

    On that note-- Friday, lower monumental? Go my sneaky back way down there and do a loop with the tri-cities kids?

  8. I'll make some phone calls...seems like nobody checks here.
  9. IF Johny gets my wheels back to me I am down for that ride. I am off friday!!! I will have a set of new tires to scrub in too!!! Sorry i couldn't make it John. I wish i could have been there. From what Tom says it was a very good time.
    ps Fighterama no problem on knowing John!! The only reason we hang with him is because when we pull up to a intersection he will start to brake dance and that folks is some funny ass shit!!!
  10. :bonk
  11. I wanna see that big gangly bastard to a backspin!
  12. :shock: I don't think he can do it!!!
  13. I'm taking a ride today to Lewiston.

    Not for the pleasure of riding, though. I will be going to see my dad, who lived through that horrible plane accident this week in Idaho. Woooohoooo!!!!!
  14. cordodor

    cordodor Retired

    wow, is your dad gonna be okay? Usually they tell you about the news that happens in Lewiston, but I hadn't heard anything about that...

    It's a long straight road to Lewiston. Enjoy!
  15. Hey, I dont know how many of you are from or in the tri-cities area, but i just got a new Suzuki and will be there this weekend. I think people will be meeting in the Hastings parking lot in Kennewick later this evening. Should be alot of people out with graduation being this weekend and all. If any of you are going to be in the area, you should swing by maybe we could get a good ride soemwhere planned for Saturday.