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Thunder Thursday @ Post Falls

Discussion in 'Eastside' started by SpokaneXX, Jul 6, 2005.

  1. Just throwing out a thought...a large group of sportbikes with riders wearing appropriate gear, (not necessarily full leathers...unless preferred) attending...maybe even participating in the "bike games."

    This is a predominately Harley/cuiser event but I picture a bunch of sportbikes parked in the thick of all the "cruisers" mixing and sharing our sport...

    I'd be willing to organize/head up such a ride as long as all participants agree to keep a low profile and friendly open minded demeanor and it stays a "dry" run.

    Just a thought...discuss.
  2. snake

    snake Paralized with excitement

    Sounds interesting. How about more details, time, etc.

  3. Details...We do a group ride to Post Falls...maybe do a pre-ride meeting for those that haven't ridden in a group...maybe shoot some video of everyone as we make our way from the valley to PF via, "the long-cut,"...we arrive as a group at the Hot Rod...have a good time, eat some cheap tacos, and act like ambassadors of our sport. The Harley jokes come after the ride.

    Any that are interested pick a Thursday and a time.

    Will this fill the rift between sportbike riders and cruiser riders...NO...will it entertain me,(and hopefully you,) for an evening yes and it might just open a few minds on either side of the saddle...

  4. I'm hopin' you're jokin' :roll:


  5. :bonk
  6. :nana

    "Fawking Newbies.. :mrgreen: ."
  7. Im down with the ride. I was there once and there was only 4 sport bikes. Let us represent in a positive way. :rr:
  8. The more I think about it can we make more people aware of sportbikes at a single event than to do loooong smokey burnouts and wheelies and endanger the general public more than at the rod run in CDA this weekend...You, sir, are a genius with a capital P...I'm in...


  9. What night can't you be there? :mrgreen: :thefinge: :nana

  10. I would do something like that, I think it would be cool! I ride with guys on Harleys quite often. They know that I can kick their buts, no one has to say a thing. We all just ride and have fun. Anyhow, Saturday nights are perfect, weekdays during the day say 11:00-4:00 ish. A ride around CDA lake up to St. Maries and back to PF. Maybe even a poker run. Just some thoughts.
  11. Edited due to vast advances in my reading comprehension skills...

  12. I'd be down any thursday, its my only day off during the week. I went down on a thursday like a month ago and the only sportbike riders were me and the two others i went down there with
  13. G!N+T0N!K I just wanted to thank you for using my picture as your avatar. What is your first name? 8)
  14. I went once with my little brother, Big Brothers/Big Sisters, PM me for more info...and was hardpressed to explain to a ten year old that riding and drinking didn't mix...he did however understand that he couldn't tell his mom about the 130mph blast home...

    I guess we all choose our boundries...I'm suggesting that rather than trying to make others adhere to ours that we try to understand theirs...and share the understanding...

    That said...I've stuffed a Hardley or three into a corner when I felt it applicable.

    /michael jackson voice on/ why can't we all just get along /michael jackson voice off

  15. Would a Buell XB12s be welcome and the ride is every Thursday? What time and starts where?
  16. I guess I can't go since I ride a sport touring.... :nana
  17. Dude I didn't take your pic, I took it with my cellphone that day. I was there. :nana

    My name is not important!