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Thur Night Ride 9-06 6:00 Pm

Discussion in 'Portland Region' started by Lee650, Sep 5, 2012.

  1. Meet at 76 gas station (213/205) around 6:00, Leave at 6:15. Join me if you can.
    Remember you can not turn left at light, you have to turn right at first stop light, then right and right again to 76 gas station.
  2. dscott3509

    dscott3509 Parts Collector

    Whelp, work made a decision for me to work.
    Last edited: Sep 5, 2012

  3. Where are you guys riding to? I'm new to the area.
  4. :scratchea Not sure yet.
  5. dscott3509

    dscott3509 Parts Collector

    Just go and enjoy. Lee knows the area better than I know my house. crackup:
  6. I'm in for sweep. Need to test out the new go pro so do lots of wheelies Lee!
  7. I was just curious, I can't go today. If there is another ride coming up let me know! I'm in the Beaverton area.
  8. dscott3509

    dscott3509 Parts Collector

    You end up on some roads in the middle of Oregon's version of Deliverance, but the rides are incredible.
  9. wish I could join you, off at the airport at 5 am.
  10. Great ride. New roads for me. Thanks for leading Lee. Good to meet some new riders. Hope to make it out to the East side again soon.
  11. Goods times for sure, thanks Lee.
    Nice to meet a few new folks.
    Loved the roads, most of them new to me :mfclap:
  12. Fun ride and great group of riders. :mfclap::mfclap: Thanks guys for coming out. We will do it again.
  13. got a report from a co-workers wife, she was passed in the carver curves ~ 6:30pm last night in the corners ( obviously ) with the riders passing in groups of 2 ... with oncoming traffic... she was a bit put off by how close to her vehicle they were passing.

    a group of about 8 riders

    sound familiar ?


  14. Nope not us, we did not hit the Carver curves until 8:30 or so and we would never pass in corners on a double yellow. :mrgreen:
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