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~ Thursday Eastside Bike Night ~

Discussion in 'Portland Region' started by Desvio, Oct 10, 2010.

  1. The Thursday Eastside Bike Night is in it's new location at Landmark Saloon (the previous location of the Oscar Albert Wine bar).

    Landmark Saloon
    4847 SE Division Street
    Portland, OR, 97206
    7:00pm to Whatever

    Motorcycle, bicycle, car, skateboard, bus or walk, whatever you have to do to get there.

    This is not a ride! But an official time and place to meet riders of all kinds, and plan rides for the weekend or anytime in the future. All types of bikes and skill levels are welcome to show, kick back, meet people, and plan that next cruise through town or your next big adventure.

    Meet, ride and be happy!

    Landmark on Facebook.
    Landmark Saloon Online
    There are several parking options, street, East drive/alley, and the outside lounge.



    More current pics to follow.
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  2. The outside lounge and fire pit is just awesome, and the owner(s) ride. I'll be posting better pics later this week, and a copy of the menu.

    It is definitely a well deserved move up from the old location.
  3. I am very excited about the new location!
  4. 21 and over?
    Is the store across the street there still?
  5. dscott3509

    dscott3509 Parts Collector

    Looks much nicer than the old s-hole. Looking forward to new digs.
  6. There is a patisserie across the street, and someone said there is a coffee shop nearby (prolly the patisserie).

    Looks like their website is slowly coming together:
  7. Are underage people allowed in the Outside Lounge?
    Years ago there used to be a Store on the corner of 49th on this side.
  8. I'll have to find out this week about under age, but it's not likely, but you never know.

    After working two jobs in one day, I was too tired to pay attention to all the surroundings. I'll detail everything within the immediate area the best I can this week.
  9. Looks awesome.. Can't wait to stop by this Thursday
  10. will need to check it out -- when i am brave enough to try to cross the river on my bike

    but always can show up in the pony or White Lightening !!! :roll:

  11. hey everyone! i'm sort of a new guy around here. is this event a ride or just a get together? what time? what kinda riders? i'd like to meet some new folks so i might just try to squeeze this in to my thursday night.
  12. This is a meet to hang out, and plan rides for the weekend, and beyond. Sometimes you just need to chill, and meet people before you go ride.

    We have riders of all types and skills, from newbs to seasoned veterans. And when we ride, EVERY type of rider or bike is encouraged to join in the fun. dscott3509 is pretty much our official sweep rider to make sure everyone makes it to the next stop (or pick up parts).

    Feel free to post or PM any questions.

    7:00pm to Whenever

  13. Desvio, could you plz update the first post with more details? Kinda how the original post used to be, I think.
  14. dscott3509

    dscott3509 Parts Collector

    You guys were calling me Parts Collector at SBNW, maybe I should make that my sig line. crackup:
  15. Sounds like you're ready for something more permanent, Dennis. Anyone know someone with wicked airbrush skills to lay it down on the Sprint?
  16. dscott3509

    dscott3509 Parts Collector

    Not quite sure I'm ready to taint my bike with that name....yet.
  17. At least get it in your signature!
  18. Lets remember boys and girls, this is a nice place not the old s,hole where we could get a bit wild so...... good behavior is a must. The new venue has been super accommodating. thanks guys looking forward to this eve!:mfclap::mrgreen:
  19. How late do you guys think this will run? I have and appointment in Tualatin that'll hold me up until around 8:00 pm - not sure if it'll be worth the ride over.
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