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Thursday Nights at Dusty's - 2012

Discussion in 'Wenatchee' started by breezebike, Feb 22, 2012.

  1. Ill be there tonight, but late. Should be there around 6:30
  2. great ride, good to see everyone again

  3. Hated to miss last week but I was off to Utah for a family reunion and a trip out to Miller Motorsports Park to see the World Superbike race.

    Sykes leads the pack briefly.

    Carlos Checa getting ready to win race 1.

    We were hoping somebody would break 200mph but I think 199 is all they got. This track is seriously huge.

    Looks like I might miss tomorrow night too. Dang!
  4. Guy M

    Guy M (Washington) City

    Doggone Breeze - I thought that was a photo from Thursday night's ride - and I was getting seriously jealous! :mrgreen:

    Cool shot.
  5. ^^ I wish we could ride at a place like that on Thursday nights!

    (I bet our bike night would be the most popular in WA state)
  6. Another bike night rained out. Drat!!! :angry4:
    This has gone too far. We're not supposed to have rain in Wenatchee.
    And I have a new bike I wanted to ride too.
  7. I rode home on Thursday in the downpour around 530 pm. Granted it was just from Wenatchee to Cashmere..... Only bike out there. Kinda surprised, the cages and such left me lots of room, no one tried to crawl up my tailpipe, like they usually do. (Come on people, I'm on a 236cc Honda Rebel, its going as fast as it can.)

    Aerostich didn't leak, new Schuberth didn't leak. yeah!!! Forgot to tuck up my jeans, though. Bottoms of them got soaked and muddy. ~sigh~

    I just wish DOT would fix the Hwy 2/Cottage intersection. West side of the intersection, right lane, there is always a nasty puddle. I try to avoid it, but..... And further up (maybe 1/4 mile) the left lane has a nice depression in it. Happened to be in the right lane, a car passes on the left and the resulting cascade of water left me blinded for a second. eeek!
  8. Hey guys, it's been crappy spring weather, but this Thursday looks promising. I know we were hanging at the old sub shop. Are we meeting at Dusty's again?
  9. Yes. Dusty's
    With hot weather and long days I'm thinking we should do one of our longer rides this week. Maybe the old Blewett Pass road or we could do battle with the mosquitoes on the Tape Worm. :ninja:
  10. If we do old Blewett Pass I may want to take my DRZ. :)
  11. See you guys tonight.
  12. My street bike is hiatis, almost ready for the track, but Im in the market for an aprilia tuono, I will keep you posted
  13. Which one is the tapeworm?
  14. Do you want the older twin or the new V-4?
  15. Great ride tonight with 9 bikes. Rode to the end of the pavement up the Icicle.
  16. I was looking at the older twin, 07, found 1 but it sold as fast as I could call him:rant O'YA I talked to the county and they are chip sealing the north road between p-town and l-town, so stay on the highway to get to leavenworth
  17. Thanks for the heads-up on the chip seal, Dave. My son has one of the twins he might need to sell.
  18. Let me know Ted, Im chomping at the bit, I let one slide away and they arent easy to find, does he live around here?
  19. The bike is in Oregon. I'll keep you posted.