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Thursday Nights at Dusty's - 2012

Discussion in 'Wenatchee' started by breezebike, Feb 22, 2012.

  1. Thanks Ted, I hope to have my bike at least streetable by next thurday, not riding is starting to get to me, im about ready to take the track bike down the county road
  2. Dave, I concur with your desire to own a Tuono twin. I have ridden my son's bike just a few times but one ride was on some terrifically twisted road in Oregon not unlike our own Tape Worm but without the elevation gain. It is one fabulously entertaining motorcycle. I've long thought of it as the ultimate Thursday Night bike.

    First is the stunning appearance and vivid colors of the bike. I think the aesthetics improved after the first models came out. When the exhaust is heard through after-market pipes it is, to my ear, one of the most glorious motor sounds known to man. The bike feels compact and athletic with reasonably comfortable ergos - no painful racer crouch. The motor is torque heaven with a stout bottom end blending into luscious mid-range. Wheelies flow like water from a spout. Although the top end may not compare with the 4-bangers the big twin has meat you can eat every time you roll out of the driveway.

    The gas tank is not large and mpg less than frugal so I believe range is not much over 100 miles. A small priced to pay for the pleasure of spicing up your life in a big way every time you run an errand.


  3. They must not have started yet? Since I was up there last night I couldn't resist hitting N Road & then N Dryden Rd on my way home.

    As I woke up to thunder & rain this morning I felt as though we cheated mother nature last night. It was nice to have a warm & dry Thursday night for bike night!
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  4. Thanks for the write up Ted, now I want one even more, I just saw an 07 sell for 7400 with 2800m, I know I will find another one like it, pm about your sons if he wants to sell
  5. Up Entiat River Road.
  6. The Tape Worm takes you almost to the Tyee Ridge lookout.
  7. Tuonos have ~175 mile ranges according to the internet...
  8. Well im going to burn a tank tomaro and I will let you know:mrgreen:
  9. I want to see this bike Dave.
  10. We had a great ride last Thursday. Went up Blewett Pass to get out of the heat and decided to ride the old pass road which is always fun. No misquitoes up there!

    We are now in the heart of the summer. No more of that cold, rainy stuff. The 10-day forecast looks the way it should. All sun icons.

    See you at Dusty's

  11. Another good one last Thursday. We rode out to the Colockum. They just repaved most of the road going up the canyon so it is now a superb asphalt ribbon. Cooler up at the top too.
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  12. Whooohooo the wife finally doesnt have a Thursday evening shift. See everyone tonight!
  13. i may join. dusty's sounds tasty
  14. Another fun ride last night fellas... Pine canyon is re-surfaced all the way to the top w/o any chip seal (yet). It is smooth as a baby's bottom and we all know what a fun climb out of the valley that road can be. :devil:

    :secret: On another note as you may already know, upper Squilchuck going up to Mission Ridge is under construction and pretty rough... so if you are riding up that way be careful.
  15. Yep. Another good one. I've been wanting to try the Tiger out on the dirt section of Badger. Works good.
  16. Thursday nights haven't worked out for me for the last several weeks for various reasons. I can't make it next week either so tonight would be my last shot before it's too cold and dark for a evening ride. I'll be there so hopefully somebody else will show up tonight.
  17. 5.5 mo ago... you guys still have bikenite?
  18. We haven't started up yet. Need warmer weather and longer days to ride in the evening. It's coming.
  19. How you healing up Ted? Been keeping an eye on here looking for updates, but none.

    As for me, I may have had my last bike night already. I'll be moving to North Bend in a couple weeks to start a new job with the City. I will try to make it over here for a weekend ride every now and again, but as busy as we're going to be I doubt I'll make to any Dusty's nights. :|
  20. Sorry to lose you, Don.

    I'm mostly healed up. Just a wee bit of pain from the broken shoulder blade.

    Got most of the parts on the Tiger now, Just waiting for a new brake disk and it'll be ready to ride.