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Thurston County Photo Tag

Discussion in 'Olympia' started by Kass, Jul 30, 2010.

  1. ok so heres how this game works for those who dont know, the first person posts a picture with their bike at a place in or around oly, then the next person who wants to play takes a pictue of their bike at the same spot and a new picture at a different spot.then then next person take a picture from the newest picture and so on and so forth.... you can leave clues to the place if you like. enjoy! your it bitches!crackup:

  2. C~Style

    C~Style Retired

    ahh you suck, I was just at that same spot on tuesday...thought I should take a pic...but rode some wheelies instead.

  3. The port looks a little different now then when I used to work there :)


    Not the best picture but you should be able to tell where it is :)

  4. Nighttime snipe!

    And the new one. You will probably need to visit this one before Monday as it might move then.
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  5. Here it is in the daylight :)


    Here is a new one.

  6. Well done good sir.

    I would go get this one but I can't think of the next one.
  7. Here you go.


    Not very creative but I didn't have much time.

  8. Can we clarify the rules a little? Is this inside Olympia city limits only? 50 mile radius? Within 10 miles of the Olympia city limits? Thurston County? Do they have to be accessed by a street bike? Or can they be a dual sport tag?
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  9. I would say street, just so everyone can play. I think 50 miles is far, but again, I'm not the OP.
  10. it's just phototag...keep it sorta local i guess. if you just have to post something, like 20 minutes away, do it. have fun what ever you do

    But, it's not hide and seek. the point of the game is, really, to get people on the road. I looked for a fricken hour today for that big yellow machine! lol. i gave up

    Damn, if i didn't ride past the new one THREE TIMES today. didn't know it was posted til later.
  11. Here it is.[​IMG][/IMG] Hope this is not to hard.
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  12. Hmm.. I actually don't know where that is. Curious to see who gets it.
  13. looks like nisqually
  14. I'd go grab it but we moved to Puyallup. :angry7:
  15. How about a hint? Is this inside the Olympia/Tumwater/Lacey area?
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  16. kass named it nisqually river. public fishing spot.ok now to easy
  17. Further upstream? I'm thinkin maybe somewhere in McKenna or off mounts road???

    If in McKenna I'd go get it now.