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Tickets, wrecks, Pullovers..13th July

Discussion in 'Eastside' started by freezincold, Jul 14, 2005.

  1. Is it taboo to start a thread where people with cool stories concerning tickets, wreckes, dents, scrapes, pullovers, or near misses can share with the rest of us? (Pertaining to getting to or going away from Trixies famous THANG(!)? ::: the July 13 BBQ)

    I don't really have any...but it was fun that Trixie let my bud and I do burnouts on her patio!
  2. snake

    snake Paralized with excitement

    Where do we start...I am glad I took all day off of work and went for the 9AM ride. Sorry that Shwaa crashed...he can tell that story and Blues Brothers can post up some pictures of the crash scene.

    We had a good ride following Fighterama through Central Fairy, Starbuck, Kahlotus, Washtucna, Benge, Endicot, and back to Pullman. We got to do some tight twisties, fast sweepers, and some haul ass straights (Fighterama you missed those). Blues Brothers and me were running neck to neck trying to hit our speed limiters. I don't know Zach's alias, but he needs to tell about the deer that chased him (wish I could of taken a picture) and he probably got a better view than I did of the bird that hit me on the forehead. At least he saw it doing summersaults past him.

  3. a deer chased someone, oh I cant wait to here this
  4. yeah it was me with the deer thing, it was like 3 inches off my left front turn signal lol. the bird hit snake in the helmet then did like a 540 twist in the air rolled up in a ball and fell to the side of the road lol. :clap

    in other news, i made it from colfax or whatever to my work in the tri cities in about an hour and 10 mins :D
  5. an hour and 10!!!! that is good time. How many miles total and what was the mathmatical avrg?

    Snake...the speedo stops at 186...after that you just watch the tach...the best way to find your true speed is GPS...without some mods the bike will not go much past a true 185-190 depending on how well you can tuck (you have an advantage here) wind and road grade.

    Mine will read 186 on the speedo going up a 6% grade-wich is quite steep (in 5th gear!)
  6. 325 total, im guessing around 150-200 miles from colfax to pasco? not sure.
  7. Ya i was in the group from Spokane that got pulled over. I didn't get a ticket but it was punishment enough having to sit there for a half hour!
  8. Zack....that is really good time...congrats on making through w/o incident!
  9. thanks, the way back was deerless so it was all good
  10. Am I reading that the deer..(wich is pretty cool) and the bird to the helmet...(wich is cool too-. Somewhere I heard about a guy...maybe a friends friend who took a bird to the face sheild. It broke the face shield and broke the guys nose...blood and bird stuff all over his face.
    or did I dream it? hmm...) and three tickets were the only incidents?
    someones gotta be sitting in jail or something.
  11. Well that turned out well! I guess it just felt like it should be illegal cause it was so fun!

    good on everybody for being responsible motorcyclists!!!

    crackup: :shock:
  12. ^ rofl crackup: crackup: crackup:
  13. Did anyone get pulled over on the way back. Two of the riders who left first zoomed by a stater on the way back to Spokane going 120mph+ and by the time the stater pulled around, they were long gone, and took a right on the first exit off the main 195 road. They chill and turn around, and the stater pulled over some other motorcycles that happened to be passing by. Curious if anyone got any tickets from this as the stater pulled over the wrong motorcycles.
  14. It was smooth sailing for Mark and I, but I think the police were out in force that it would surprise me if someone didn't get ticketed.
  15. wazzu mille

    wazzu mille Hash Brown Boy

    Mapquest has it at 119 miles. Average is 102 mph
  16. Over 2 years ago... 3 of us were going about 150 over a bridge in wenatchee.... 2 of us got stopped at the light at the end of the road... and if it wasn't for that damn light.... the cop only saw us pulling away... It was a rough lesson.... 200 Bones, 40 hours community service and 30 day license suspension.... finally it is off my record....
  17. Shwaa

    Shwaa Retired

    My bike is getting fixed down in Boise. All I messed up was my MCL. Thanks everyone for all the support and for the help on the road and at the BBQ.

  18. mapquest says i live in west kennewick not the far east side of kennewick as well :thefinge:
  19. anything over 100 in my book, over a distance that far is really moving.