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time for new tires, need advise!!!

Discussion in 'Mechanical & Technical' started by tonmarchelli, Jul 10, 2005.

  1. well, ive had the new gixxer for a little over a month and already ive hit just about 3000 miles.

    time for new tires.

    the question i have is what is the best set of tires for this area? seeing as though pavement can vary from region to region.

    I have my eye on a brand new set of pirelli diablos for 230 bucks shipped and the new diablo stradas caught my eye too.

    i would like something that can be driven on the freeway for a long time but then has some awesome grip on the sides because i like to lean my bike down real low in those hairpins (right eric?) :twisted:

    what is everybody running these days and how do you like it, also how many miles will each tire get?

    im open to any and all sudgestions but i need to get some tires orderd within the next week (or two at the very latest)

    thanks for all the input. its nice having a site around that you can get great advice from local people.

    ROCK ON :headbang:
  2. this winter im getting the diablos. Ive heard they are one of the best out there, but im not tire expert

  3. I'm running the diablo stradas front and rear, I have had them for about 1,000 miles and they are holding up great, even with a quarter of them being on the track. They just take a little longer to warm up up but even when I am dragging my knees I am still not slipping.
  4. Were is the best/cheapest to buy online? I am also in need of a new rear tire. I have been running the pilot sport and have been happy with them.
  5. You can order online from chapparel, but they're are a pain in the ass. It seems like everything i have ordered is either on backorder, or something. But the prices are pretty damn good. I ordered a sett of Pirelli Diablo Stadas, and the total cost was less then 300$. Cant complain too much i guess.
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  7. good post, that place has good prices on tires.

    im torn between the diablos or the diablo stradas. anything bad about either. how much more mileage do you get with the stradas. thanks for help
  8. I had diablo corsas on the princess, getting 3-4k outa the rears. The stradas heat up faster, but arent quite as sticky (not that most of us would really notice it). Stradas will hold up a little longer to slabbing long distances too.

    Maybe you should consider some knobbies after our last trip?!?

  9. I got 2000-2300 (to cords) out of standard diablos on the rear on the 1k- Great tires 300 bills is way expensive -
    Diablos are great tires but if you do lots of highway miles probably not what you are looking for-

    Try southwest moto tires-good prices and they ship right out
    They use to have free shipping on a set haven't looked lately
  10. :shock: Dang that website is high-priced!!

    I've yet to find anyone that can beat prices on most everything from but granted I only buy Tombstones err Bridgestones. Jezterr was saying is good for tire prices as well.
  11. Ayers is cheap but slow-
  12. I like my Powers :) (I'm quoting that)
    But that's because it's true.
    Got new powers before riding to Cali for the GP, stuck my tank of a fizzer down like glue - I've never leaned that bike over so far and felt confident about it.
    Ordered from MAW and no complaints, just be sure to check on the mounting price and figure that in.
  13. also check out or They are a Suzuki dealer amogst other brands and they also do as good or better prices on tires as any other mail order place.

    Sometimes I buy a rear from on place like ron ayers and a front from Motorcycle Accessory Wharehouse (MAW they are from boise Idaho so it is cool to buy local too!) or something like that just because one place will be cheaper for one tire but not the other...once you have 4 or 5 web sites down, it is easy to price check.

    Next time I buy tires I will also look up Parts Unlimited web site and performance accessories because this is where most dealers and or online places get their tires anyway.

    I think the stock bridgstones actually work pretty well.. they slide a lot and not so predicably either but only when cold...when warmed up (probly won't ever get them fully warmed on the street) they seem to stick very well) I have about 4500 miles on my second rear BT014 with about 1/2 of that being strait up on montana/wyoming interstates.....It is about ready and I will be putting on Metzler M1 next...

    They seem to slide too, but pretty predictably (on the street and before warmed)

    After this set I have a few sets of Pilot Powers on deck and then I want to check out those Pirellis....
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