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Tippy Canoe - GoFundMe

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by BilltheCat, Mar 19, 2018.

  1. If any of you ride through the Columbia River Gorge, you probably know this place... and it's about to be closed, without some help.

    Tippy Canoe is a historic restaurant that was featured in “Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives” with Guy Fieri of the Food Network. Please click on this link to see the Food Network video to learn about Tippy Canoe and Shirley Welton, the dynamic 80 years “young” owner.

    This famous restaurant is noted for its natural food sources, wild caught salmon, wild crab meat, homemade soups, fresh Yaquina Oysters, fresh Maine Lobster cocktails, organic foods, LARGE portions and much more. It is located in Troutdale, Oregon on the Historic Columbia River Highway.

    Shirley Welton, owner. Shirley is 80 years old and works tirelessly in the business. She has never had to ask for help in her entire life. My husband and I, who have started this go fund me, found out about her financial stress because we noted her concern and lack of usual energy while eating her delicious breakfast.

    Shirley is usually very upbeat and is a dynamo as you can see on the Food Network episode with Guy Fieri. However, as my husband and I enjoyed her amazing breakfast (she is there every morning, seven days a week), she did not seem her usual joyful self. As we questioned her, she told us about the series of natural weather disasters that effectively shut down her diner during the fire and storms.

    The Eagle Creek Fire.
    First, a large fire hit the area around Troutdale, Oregon and threatened the evacuation of the Troutdale area and closed much of the Hwy 30, the Historic Columbia River Highway. This was the Eagle Creek Fire in the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area, which burned 49,000 acres.

    The news media reported, incorrectly, the closing of the historic Columbia River Highway in the area where Tippy Canoe is located. As stated in one report: “The flames tore into beloved places across the state, torching mountains and forests Oregonians traditionally pilgrimage to each summer and fall, including the Columbia River Gorge.”

    Natural calamities sink Tippy Canoe
    Due to the fire and the belief that customers could not reach the famous diner, they quit coming. Business plummeted although Shirley and her staff kept working, hoping business would resume. Bills continued but income did not!

    Nature continues its rampage
    After the fire, nature continued its rampage in the form of snowstorms and ice storms that further damaged the business by preventing customers from reaching the famous diner. Business continued to plummet as bills continued to add up.

    Shirley is not one to ask for help. She is old school and always relied on herself to take care of business. However, she was now faced with closing Tippy Canoe due to the financial difficulties. These difficulties occurred during the times of the Eagle Creek Fire and unusually harsh winter storms.

    What is needed to SAVE Tippy Canoe and Shirley? Shirley needs $100,000 to pay vendors, insurance, property taxes, utilities and other accounts caused by loss of business due to natural disasters.

    Unfortunately, taxes and other bills do not stop just because the business is stopped.

    All money collected for Tippy Canoe will be used to pay past due bills and for restocking. All funds collected will be deposited in the Tippy Canoe Business Account.

    Food Network Feature Video . Tippy Canoe was a profitable, historic business featured in “Diners, drive- ins and dives” with Guy Fieri of the Food Network. Please click on this link to see the Food Network video to learn about Tippy Canoe and Shirley Welton, the dynamic 80 years “young” owner.

    Food made from scratch. This famous diner is noted for its natural food sources. Profitability, thanks to the outstanding food, warm welcome, tireless efforts of Shirley and fun atmosphere, was never a problem until nature hit Tippy Canoe and Shirley with devastating results. Your assistance would be greatly appreciated. Tippy Canoe is an amazing place for the entire family. We want to help Shirley recover financially so Tippy Canoe can continue to serve us all great food and Shirley can keep it open into her 90’s and maybe more. Thanks for reading about this important and urgent campaign to SAVE TIPPY CANOE.

    Again, to learn more about Shirley and Tippy Canoe, click here for the Food Network Video featuring Guy Fieri at Tippy Canoe.