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Tire disposal fee

Discussion in 'Portland Region' started by GS1200, Jul 10, 2012.

  1. When you get new tires for the bike do you have to pay for the disposal of your old tires? If so, how much?
  2. Depends on the location. Ducati of Bellevue charged me around $3 to dispose of one tire.

  3. I tell them I will take them home to not get charged then soak in gas find a big hill, bring beer, light and watchum roll hehe
  4. When we sell tires here (For cars) we charge 5.00 bucks a tire.
  5. I love your style Debi!
  6. I keep 'em. Plenty of fun to be had with dead tires.
  7. I keep them so as not to be charged and toss them in dumpsters.
  8. Boaters like old motorcycle tires for "bumpers"
  9. The Dalles charges $15 at the transfer station. They charge $1.50 here in Zillah.
  10. My transfer station takes them as regular weighted garbage, no fee
  11. KevinD

    KevinD Modulator Staff Member

    Spokane charges the same thing.
    Most dealers add $1.00 for handling.

  12. there is another place just off columbia blvd behind a nude bar - there was a thread a year or so ago about it... they didn't charge me anything. i think the nude bar charges though crackup:

  13. My Parents taught me well hehe... from the old skool days :mrgreen:
  14. Fixted crackup:
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