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Tire Install

Discussion in 'Portland Region' started by cassandraj, Aug 1, 2012.

  1. Is there a shop around Portland that will install a tire bought online?
  2. Took mine to cheshire and cost about 40 bux

  3. Its a little trip for you but D&S in aloha does 25 a wheel if you bring them in off the bike and 50 a wheel still on the bike.
  4. Yamaha Sports Plaza in Fairview will also do them for about $25 (rims off bike). In fact, most shops in town will mount up tires bought off the internet no problem. Just call around and see what their current prices are.
  5. 40 seems to be mostly standard price if they have to take the tire off your bike, and 20-25 is standard if you take the tire off yourself and bring it in :)
  6. Pulled both wheels off and took them to him. I think it was $40 for both mounted and balanced plus 4 for disposal for old. He's in SE too.
  7. Cycle gear does this.
  8. jnicola

    jnicola Shredical

    There's LOTS of them. You're in SE Portland, I would specifically go to Doc Brown's Motorcycles. Now, don't tell him you got it online though. You got it off some kid on craigslist. He'll charge the same as anywhere else, but don't ever mention the internet to him!

    In other news, if your bike isn't pretty and you don't mind the possiblity of a few small dings, I'd be happy to show you how to change your own tires by hand. It'll cost you about the same as paying some one for a set of tires for all the equipment, but every tire change after that is FREE!
  9. dont forget you also need the balancing thinger :nana
  10. What happened to your other tire?!
  11. Or Dyna Beads!
  12. I've got a tire changing station, Bring me the tires and the bike, will do it for free, I'm in tualatin. Includes balancing too.

    I just couldn't stand the thought of paying someone $40 bucks to change my tires, so I bought a $300 machine to do it myself. so the more tires I can change, even for free makes it worth my investment

    It only takes 20-30 minutes.......
  13. he has had this thing for months now has changed the tires on his bike and one of mine


    Thanks John!
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