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Tire Questions

Discussion in 'Eastside' started by Gixxer6, Apr 27, 2005.

  1. Im runnin a Gixxer 600 and I have a question on tires. How long are they supposed to last? I have had my bike a couple months, runnin the Dunlop D218, gone 3000 miles, and i am almost to the wires. I dont race either. What kind of tire do you guys recomend?
  2. Pirelli Diablo, some like the corsas but they are hard to keep hot enough to really get sticky. The std corsas seem to be a great sticky tire for me and last usually a full season on the princess (6000 or so mi)


  3. Do you do a lot of burnoffs? You should probably get a little more life outta that tire than 3k miles. But as I'm sure you know, tire life greatly decreases with the softer the compound you use...and soft=sticky=better in corners. There's another thread somewhere on the boards regarding tire choice. Personally, I'd roll either a Pilot Power or a Perelli Diablo (non-corsa) since you stick to streets. You can't go wrong with either of those.
  4. +1 for the Pilot Power. I love my Pilot power. I got only about 4000 miles out of my 218 stock tire. IMO the Pilot Power is a way nicer tire. :rr:
  5. jezterr

    jezterr Retired Admin

    PIRELLIS! love the diablos... got about 5000 miles on 'em and way more to go.

    the set that came on my bike stock were dunlop d208's and they lasted about 8000.

    what in the hell do people do that they burn off tires so fast?
  6. Yeah, no burnouts, no dragracing, i guess fairly aggressive driving, but still. I thought 3050 mile kinda low.
  7. My last set of Bridgestones got a whopping 6010 miles out of the rear and there was still some tread left. Keep in mind that is a 200 rear but the 12 is a HEAVY bike. Plus my fat assola on there doesnt help. And all those 160-180mph runs seem to shred tire off quick. You can see in the pics the day I took the tire off, odometer showed 6010 and I roasted off what was left. Oh yeah, those were the dual-compound Bridgestone BT010's and since they they have been replaced by the newer 014's.




  8. Perferd

    Perferd Grade A Champion

    I put up this same thread on a few different boards am came up with either the diablos or powers. I went with the powers cause I got a good deal plus more people voted for them...
  9. Bridgestones are great, I have them on my 12R, but I can't speak for Gixxer. The one thing I like about BG is the Medium compound and they warmup fairly quick.
  10. jabstar17

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    I had Bridgestone Battlax on my Kwai 636 origanaly, and was able to push am to 8000 miles, rear tire and 10000 to the front. I aint the most censervative rider either. I have pilots on now, had them on my old VFR! There awesome.
  11. I have battleax's on the 'fighter, and they havent really impressed me, corner hold isnt there with the pirellis and they dont hold a stoppie as well. Just my pennies

  12. well i run michelin power race.. as for your " corner hold"..mybe its the rider?
  13. Heh. One of the newest members, resurrecting one of the oldest threads. Ironic.
  14. So MuffDiver, wouldn't it be better to use street tires on the street? I am under the impression that once you have heat cycled race tires a few times they loose any benefit of added traction over a street tire.

    Oh ya, nice resurrection of a long dead thread!
  15. I had to replace a set of Dunlop 208's after 2500 miles on my Tuono. You might think about trying one of the multi-compound tires. I currently am running the Pirelli Corsa III's and like them. I have also heard good things about the Michelins and Dunlop Qualifiers. Don't know anything about the newer generation Bridgestones.

    How you ride will probably have a greater influence on wear than brand. Check out Cycle Gear for good local prices and mounting.

    Good tires are cheap insurance.
  16. Do you check your tire pressure before you ride and know what pressure you should be running?