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Tires mounted and balanced for $20?

Discussion in 'The Dalles' started by GS1200, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. I'm considering buying a No-Mar tire machine for my garage in The Dalles. The machine is around $600. I would like to mount tires for others for a small charge to off set the cost. Would you be interested if I mounted and balanced your tires (off bike) for $20 each while you wait?

    I'm searching for a good used machine first. If you come across one before I do I'll mount your first set free!

    Anyone interested?
  2. I think it's nice what you're trying to do, but how much do shops charge for off bike mounting/balancing? It's not much more than that in some shops around here.

  3. What does a shop charge if you bring your own set in to have mounted (off bike)?

    For the last few years I've been buying on line and mounting/balancing myself. This has saved me a ton.
  4. shops up here charge 40-75 so 20 would be great except you're in the dalles :p
  5. how do you mount and balance without a machine?
  6. I'm in! My bike eats tires, so this should be good! Now if I could just find your damn house!!!
  7. I use old school tire irons and rim savers right now. I also own the excellent Marc Parnes balancer.
  8. Cool idea but all the "low cost" shops generally have a waiting list for tire installs. Do you really want to be mounting and balancing tires all day?

    Furthermore, wheel weight removal tends to mar wheels and people get pissy when their bikes get scratched. Just sayin' $20 might not be work the liability.
  9. My intent it to establish a small group of local riders that would like to have their tires mounted for a reasonable fee. I do not scratch wheels.
  10. Are you talking stick on weights? Because if you cant remove a stick on wheel weight without marring up a wheel you are a retard and shouldn't be mounting or balancing tires in the first place. The clamp on weights should be removed the first tire change and switched out to stick on weights.

    $20 is more than fair. Your location may be your only limiting factor.
  11. I am swapping out both front and rear this weekend and I spoke with Mid-Columbia Marine in HR and they charge $25 per tire (off the bike) and if you buy the tires from them they will mount for free. Also if you are too lazy to take the wheels off they charge $37 labor charge.

    Next time I plan on buying through the dealer to take advantage of the free mounting. But $20 is more than reasonable.......:)
  12. I bought a No-Mar about 1 1/2 years ago. I have almost $1200 in it with all accessories and balancer. I charge $20/wheel; about 5 more and I will have paid it off. Do a good job; you can do it with no scratches, and the word will get out. I've done 50+ for $20/each and more in trade and for myself. My only regret is that I would have bought it sooner!
  13. It will actually help to keep the previously mentioned waiting line down. GS is just looking to offset the cost, not start a new business lol.

    As for having a shop do it, I love our local spot, but I've heard they aren't all that peachy about just doing a mount/balance on tires not purchased through them. Makes sense....that's where the profit is for them and how they make their income, but if one doesn't want to deal with that, then this is a great option out in our area. Plus, while the local shops are awesome to work with, there are only 2 or 3 in the entire CRG area, so do have a waiting list to get in.

    I buy through them and have them take care of the works so far, but only because I don't have a front stand (yet)...and because I don't have a way to mount/balance (yet...GS...)
  14. You trying to undercut my sales I see crackup: I charge $25.00 per tire. Maybe that extra five bucks offsets the beer my friends (customers), drink while changing tires. And most of em never pay me anyways :thefinge:

    I picked up a No-Mar system a few years ago and love it. Not just for the money it has saved me, but the convenience of having a set of tires sitting on the shelf and being able to change them anytime I want.

    The only thing I would say about the No-Mar system is, don't bother getting the model where the brace arm swings out of the way. The pin system on mine gave out fairly quick. So I just welded the arm solid so it can't move. Hasn't bothered me at all not being able to swing it.

    Here is a sheet on that t-pin system
  15. I just purchased my new tire machine. Will be open for business in a week!
    Also, I'm really not that short, the No-Mar girl is 6'3"!

  16. I bought a No-Mar set last summer and its probably one of the best things I did.

    You will enjoy having it.
  17. I've had one for over a year now. Don't regret it in the least. You can call the factory and ask if they have any specials. They sell the demos they use at the shows for a good price.
  18. james1300

    james1300 Track School Dazed

    Not if you know what your doing they don't.
    NoMar also makes a tool to remove stick-on weights.
    BTW 'black' wheel weights are now available.

    I'd charge a additional $5.00 for shop supplies.
    Slippery gooey stuff for getting the tire lubed to get it on the wheel, wheel weights, stickey tape remover, and GoJo hand cleaner!

    Finally, make sure the old tires are hauled off by the owner at the time of pick-up.
    Otherwise YOU will be paying for disposal at your local landfill.
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  19. It was delivered Friday. I want to use it so bad I can hardly stand it but all my bikes have new tires.:x

    I bought the adapter so I can do dirt bike tires too. I chose the conventional stand that mounts to the floor but I think I'll make one that fits my truck receiver hitch also.